Have Rotating Hero Rarity Limits for War Like Raid Tournaments, Restricting Some to 3* or 4*

I like idea and wanted to offer something like this, but not spliting by week, because all wants to play, waiting few weeks for war it’s too much.

Let all leagues are run togehter and let the alliance leader choose in which league will his alliance take a part. And the players can’t use heroes, which are higher than league status.

3-stars league: only 1, 2 and 3 stars heroes;
4-stars – 1, 2, 3 and 4 stars heroes;
and Champions League – any heroes.

And there is a space for different special tournaments. Game can offer from time to time the special war (additional to 3 leagues): color battle or magical battle, and alliances, which sign up in this kind of tournament will have to use only that heroes.
For example: Green month (only nature heroes) or Magic month (only druids, mages and sorcerers).

But because it’s to hard to have 30 green heroes, this special battles may have special rules, for example, 2-3 times for attack by one hero.

I think if strategy starts getting removed from the hands of alliances and moreso in the hands of devs/game itself, it’ll kill the fun of alliance wars

Not to mention the impact these changes would have on emblems and the struggle it would put on all alliances to constantly reshuffle them but even more pressure on smaller alliances with less resources

It would suck the fun out of the game for all, and stunt growth of the majority which would ultimately lead to death of E&P…

If you wanna use 3* and 4* heroes for war, you can find an alliance that does. Or even encourage your own alliance to do so itself. No changes needed.

Devs should tinker with matchmaking as needed, war chests as needed, bugs, war boosts, but that’s it. They should leave the strategizing and coordination to the players.

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>it’ll kill the fun of alliance wars

The problem is that for small alliances the results of war is known right after the start.

For example:
Team A: 3399
Team B: 2737

And there is no interest for both sides, easy win is also bored as no chance to win. Except that fact that easy win gives 5 points to chest.

>If you wanna use 3 and 4 heroes for war, you can find an alliance that does.

How to do that? If the system set the opponent like in example above?

And splitting to leagues will not effect for the players, who wants to keep the current way: just choose league without limitations.

I have an idea I think would be really cool-Mini Wars. Could be shorter than regular war with fewer flags. Could have a 3* and maybe a 4* max. Would be another good chance to focus on and utilize lower heroes, as well as levelling the playing field a little for less experienced players.


I would love to have more 3* content. So many fun 3*, especially in S3, but I hardly get to use them. Tourneys and challenge events just don’t explore them enough.

There’s a whole category for “Ideas and Feature Requests”, if you create a topic there people can vote for it.


Had the same idea a few days ago and thought to bring it up here in the forum. A 3* and 4* war, maybe at same time like regular war, would be great.
Idea could be, that people can decide which war they want to attend or maybe a check box for 3*, 4* and open. New players will be in the race much sooner at 3* wars, also the focus on leveling more 3* will be higher.
Otherwise a rotation can be cool too, like in tournaments.

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If the OP’s idea is implemented, I don’t need to change anything but my alliance teammates will be utterly unprepared.

for tournaments and wars, in order not to create a second or third event it could be added as a feature.

for example, “all at 5 *”. Like the effect where all heroes go quick, all heroes are “upgraded” to 5 *. To vary you could also do a “all at 4 *” and "all at 3 *, but I think all three are redundant.

or a “up to 4 *” in which the 5 * are demoted to their equivalent to 4 * and a “up to 3 *” in which the 4 * and 5 * are demoted to 3 *

When I lacked a full complement of 5* heroes, I emblemed up a bunch of 4-stars to approximate 5-stars in Alliance Wars. I don’t regret doing this, it’s fine. (Full disclosure: I’ve been playing since Aug 2017, so I have … I have a lot of heroes. I’m C2P, but … I’m a bit of a packrat, and I have a lot of heroes.)

I have more 5-star heroes now, but in some ways my 4-stars are still some of my favorites. I still raid with Rigard and Merlin. Peters is fun to use. Cheshire Cat is delightful and weird. Guardian Jackal always makes my purple titan team. Melendor is my best green healer. I have healers, snipers, reflectors, even some duplicates. (It’s a lot less frustrating to train a 4* to 4/70 than a 5* to 4/80.)

How about a Special Event or rare Alliance War condition that rules out all 5* heroes? I understand that the Raid Tournaments have a similar slant, but it would be interesting, I think, to try the same scheme in the Alliance War “use 30 attacking heroes” rationing scheme.

I actually had the same thought.
For me Wars have become boring. I got 6 maxed out 5* teams. And it has become fighting the same teams in wars over and over again.
But the tournament’s have become more and more fun especially because I can use those 3’s and 4’s that I usually never use anymore.
So it would be nice to use them in raids and wars too.
In raids it would be easy to just set up 3 different defense teams and you decide whether you want to fight in the class rare epic or legendary.
In wars that’s not that easy so a rotation would work the best.
It’s definitely a way to make the game more versatile instead of fighting the same 5 star defenses over and over again.
Definitely way better than maybe implement those optional defenses into wars.

Unless this will come with like 50 free roster slots, it doesnt make any sense.

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I joined an alliance that is mostly maxed 5* teams for wars. I’m only a few months in and best defense team is about 4000. The only contribution I can make to wars is picking up crumbs and sometimes my best team will get wiped out against the wrong heroes and a bad board.

That is not fun for me. I realize I can go to a different alliance, but this is a nice group and they give me advice to help me grow. I was hoping for better loot return, but the loot system is dumbed down even more (if that’s even possible) for me.

Point is… why don’t we have variety with wars like we do for raid tournaments? we can’t have a 3* war or a 4* war? It’s always the same, aside from a basic war modifier for arrows or rush, or whatever.

can’t we have some variety here? Don’t these top players ever get tired of using the same heroes for war. Every top player had to build their 5* off the backs of their foundational 3* and 4* teams. It takes a long time and lots of resources to level those 4* heroes and they’re fun!

Trust me, I can’t wait to compete in the 5* arena, but I would hate for my favorite 4* heroes to carry me there only to collect dust or be relegated to niche tourneys or become farmers.

My favorite idea: Rarity restriction with BASE stats!

That’s right… all those heroes that seemed interesting, but you never got around to leveling. You just pulled this awesome hero, but don’t have the mats to ascend. You’d never dream to take an unleveled hero to such a competitive environment against max level with LB and emblems.

what if all that went away and all heroes operated at their base stat levels. you might find you had a diamond in the rough and choose to level a hero you otherwise thought was a dud

The reason they don’t have 3 and 4 star wars is because it would cause a lot of smaller teams to not be able to field 6 teams of 5 three stars. They could mix and match with teams where you have to use a 3 or 4 star in attacking or defense. But overall I don’t think your idea would work.


That’s too negative and dismissive a response, lots of people have suggested this and many different threads can confirm.

The idea should be looked into and considered because people will continue to request it.


Well, he’s got a good point. I suppose I would have difficulty fielding 6 teams of 3* heroes. Maybe where 3* heroes get a boost in A/D/H and 4* heroes would get a smaller boost.

just something to help make intermediate players more competitive and giving people another reason to dust off the heroes that carried them while they built the 5* army.

this has been requested in other threads, this need to be merged @moderators

Now, my two cents, cleaning up is not bad, it is an important role in the alliance. It is better that the stronger players in the alliance take the biggest teams and in case of a bad board or any other reason they cannot finish it your job is to finished it. I do score more points cleaning that many on my alliance with bigger rosters trying to take out strong teams.

But your suggestion is not bad

How many players can field 6 5* teams and how many players can field 6 3* and or 6 4* teams?

I like the idea

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If you’re concerned about merging you should also be concerned about using ‘an’ before vowels.

An important, an important!

Perhaps @Chadmo has a good point, perhaps he doesn’t. See what everyone else thinks.

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