Have Rotating Hero Rarity Limits for War Like Raid Tournaments, Restricting Some to 3* or 4*

For some time, tournaments have been held in Empire, where the rank of heroes is limited to 3 and 4 stars in rotation.

Is it possible to do something similar for the war of alliances?

for example:

week 1 - war up to 3 stars
week 2 - war up to 4 stars
week 3 - war up to 5 stars
week 4 - starts from week 1

would enhance 3-star and 4-star heroes more.

I did the translation with translate.google. I hope it doesn’t contain too many errors

Looks good to me @Felice1972 :white_check_mark:


I think people become far more serious when it comes to war than about tournaments. Every player aims to get as many 5* heroes maxed as soon as possible in order to be more and more competitive against titans and in wars. Having 3 and 4* tournaments is a welcomed change of scenery, but somehow I doubt all those players who invested countless hours, efforts and most likely money into building 6 war teams over the last three years would apreciate a 3* war…

J’aimerais comprendre mais étant donné que je n’ai pas encore fait de partie j’ai hâte que ça commence​:bomb::+1:

I’ve been reading the forum since 2018.

in my opinion part of the complaints of those who complain too much not to fish the 5 stars is due to the fact that the 3 and 4 star heroes are perceived as useless garbage.

starting a 3/4 star alliance war would bring these heroes back into play.

at the beginning I also think that it will displace those who remained without 3 and 4 star heroes, but between the training camps and the portal it should be able to fill the ranches, moreover in the medium term a greater variety in the alliance wars will lead to a greater thickness of the game.

to consider then that

  1. with the addition of tournaments, the need was created to have at least 5 3-star heroes and 5 maximized 4-star heroes (10 and 10, if one considers that in tournaments there is the possibility of excluding a color)
  2. businesses for emblems, at least for me, created me the need to have a greater variety of heroes. I even exhumed the 1 and 2 star heroes to occupy all 5 slots (at the beginning) and to have one hero by color (at a later time)
  3. costumes. Like the portal, 3 and 4-star hotels abound. Either you throw them away, or you have to follow these heroes.

who in these three years has cultivated (at least) 30 heroes, will simply find themselves having to widen the rose of heroes

while those who do not yet have 30 5-star heroes and 30 4-star heroes will have at least 1 war in three in which it does not end in defeat ^ _ ^

ps. Before the introduction of the tournaments, I had in mind to ask for the raids to introduce silver (heroes up to 4* ) and bronze (heroes up to 3* ) alongside the gold cups.
only that the tournament in my opinion has achieved an equivalent result

Well, I don’t see people complain about 3/4* very often. Actually it’s the opposite I think, I see a whole bunch of veteran players, who advise new people that a deep bench of maxed 3*/4* is key for them in war.

Of course everyone appreciates to pull a 5* over lower heroes, but the people who actually complain not pulling 5s are just impatient, don’t understand that it is all about luck or are angry about spending too much, which is their own fault in my eyes. I mean, the odds to pull a 5 are public…

I think there is no need to create specific 3* or 4* wars and 3/4s are not garbage or have no use. One will need a decent amount of maxed 3s for a decent amount of time after they started to play E&P. It’s all about choosing a alliance which is on your current level. At the point where it’s all about 4*/5s I don’t know why 3 should be relevant to me anymore or why someone should bother to make them relevant again. To overreact a little, why not bother about making 1/2* tournaments & wars, too? - Cause nobody cares about them, after making some progress.

Moreover, there is enough to do with Titans, Wars , PoV, Raids, Quests, Tournaments, Events and the story.

In tournaments it was already tried with the heroes at 1 * and 2 *, if I remember correctly after only one tournament with the 2 * it was removed because the variety of heroes at 1 * and 2 * is too low.

An alliance war with 1 * and 2 * would be interesting, but I think it would be deserted by all older users. I think they prefer to desert the alliance war rather than dedicate slots to these heroes.

The variety of heroes begins with the 3 *, for that I proposed from this level.

It is actually easier to raise the heroes 3 * and 4 * of the 5 *.

For the 3 * in the end the problem becomes which to privilege in bringing them to the maximum.
For the 4 * the problem arises less, since there is less usually the choice is whether to bring them to the maximum or ignore them, rather than choose which ones ^ _ ^

I admit it, I have chosen the alliance irrationally. I went in to play with a friend, and then stayed when he left several power users.
When I joined I was among the last in the alliance, now I am among the first.
unfortunately more for the defection of the historical group than for my merit.

3 * heroes are the ones that are most easily obtained.
However, it’s all a matter of perspective.
I proposed this precisely because right now the point is all about 5 *. the 3 * and 4 * are seen as bridges or surrogates to get to the teams with all 5 *

However, if they came to add the alliance wars limited to 4 stars alternating with 5 * ones, it would still be a victory for me :-).

I would love to see wars like this. Shake things up a bit.

Haven’t seen a thread discussing this yet so…

Alliance wars are my favorite part of the game. However, I’m always wanting more. :rofl:

I propose adding 3* and 4* only wars.

Could be totally optional to play or not. Also not count towards war chest (could have separate chests for each tier).



I like this idea and have mentioned the same in previous alliances that I’ve been in. I think having it as optional works well as the big alliances don’t need to play as they wouldn’t sacrifice potential war chest points. It also encourages folks that have focused on building their 3* and 4* rosters, giving them a forum to showcase their heroes. It could give lower ranked alliances a chance to take down a bigger alliance (when it comes to a 5* roster) so something to shoot for as perhaps it’s a more level playing field. I think it works on many levels as it encourages all player levels. Thanks for posting this idea in the forum. Cheers

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Have 43 maxed 5* and since the weekly tournaments started I have maxed enough 3* and 4* maxed for 6 full war teams, respectively.

Would like to keep the dust from settling on them.

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Good for you… I don’t… anyway, I still consider limiting wars like tournaments would not be a move welcomed by most veterans. If I feel like being kicked around by lvl 25 players, I can have that during 3* tournaments. In wars is where all players should and do use the best they have available.

Wasn’t saying I had 43 maxed to sound cool. Was to provide context for my post. Smh

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Well, it actually speaks about your level, which is way over mine, congrats, no sarcasm here at all. I only have around 15 of them. Still, I like wars the way they are.


:+1::sunglasses: cheers mate. Tone and inflection are tricky to convey via text. Best of luck on your E&P adventures.


I’d love more uses for my 3’s and 4’s. Some (not all) fall to the wayside and do very little to help, yet there they sit in my roster, month after month.

Rather than have a rotating schedule, I’d like MINI wars, in addition to what we have, where you only need 3 teams.


Heck, all my wars are “up to 4 stars”, and the last hit is mostly 3s already :laughing: This might even level the playing field a bit. hmmm…

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I would also be inclined to keep three coffers separate counts, after all they are three different events

  1. war of alliances up to 5 *
  2. war of alliances up to 4 *
  3. war of alliances up to 3 *

in the early days it would displace those players who sent everything to waste under 5 *.
however, at least for the three stars it should not be difficult to remedy. in fields 13 the 3 * are the base, and in field 12 only 3 * come out.

I’m glad someone likes it.
you have to see if they are going to implement it.

Yours is also a nice idea.
Personally, I had thought about keeping the structure of the current alliance war.

I proposed the wars in rotation because I think it would be too demanding to have two or three at the same time.

It would make the game more interesting.
I avoided participating in the alliance wars because the teams I had made 0 points.
nothing at all I preferred to be a spectator until I found at least 30 heroes at a decent level.


I started the game almost 1 and 1/2 years ago, and seeing how the current meta has completely changed the game, it is very concerning to me and the future of the game. Because of the outcry of some players in the community to nerf Telluria, and to keep things more balanced for all alliances, one of my fellow alliance members suggested formatting wars similarly to the weekly raid tournaments.

I completely agree with this as it would bring back the fun in wars. Instead of seeing fields of green tanks with vela/JF/GM flanks, you’d be restricted to the colors eligible for that war.

The wars could also have things like very fast mana generation where slow and very slow heroes would be optimal since those typically are AoE heroes.

You could limit wars to 3* and 4* teams too.

These moves would require players to balance their heroes more through emblems and would still increase the value of new heroes since there would not be knowledge of the heroes eligible for war that period.

This move would also bring value back to S1 and S2 heroes since all of S3 heroes have yet to be released, and it would give costumes more value.

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I will back up every change that would make PVP less stale than it is now.

Your idea is decent, although I am afraid it has a flaw that it will still give defense teams more credit than the offense. Offense is already behind on wars because you need 6 teams of decent heroes on attack, while on defense you only need 5. No greens? Just put Aegirs on defense and there’s little way to deal with them without Zelines, Evelyns, Melendors and Caedmons.

It’s kind of sad that in order to restore variety of heroes used in game, we would actually need to place limits on who we restrict to use.

I had some ideas that I posted in my topic about raids - I feel wars would benefit from some - Restore Fun in Raiding - ideas and discussion

What I think would help wars also would be:

  • remove the field aid/arrows/buff, it’s just silly it’s there in the first place
  • make us run only clean version of heroes, i.e. strip of emblems (makes it less painful to run wars nowadays in light of emblemming costs, would also greatly reduce power disparity between defense and offense that enforces stacking over any other strategy, and that makes it too much about lucky boards)
  • simply change 3 flags per round to 5 flags per round

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