Have respect

Dear players, in the name of all Italians we ask you for respect as the situation of this virus is spreading all over the world. Comments like these only make hatred between nations even at a time like this where we should be united.
thanks and good game to all.

message on the bulletin board:
good luck to your opponent and beware of coronavirus disinfect weapons and masks well


I agree with the sentiment, but please avoid naming specific alliances.

Certainly any poor humour of that type would be removed from the forum.


I hope it gets better


As a fellow Italian I am sympathetic to your anger, I hope you beat them in AW


2 years ago 25K people died on influenza in Germany. I don’t get the point of this corona virus hype now. Maybe just to sell their overproduction of antiseptic fluid and useless face masks.


Because it is a new disease and with a higher mortality rate. This could become as common as the flu if we don’t defeat it and then deaths would be in the millions.


People fear the unknown, @Olmor. Flu is a known quantity. Even though it kills hundreds of thousands every year, because it’s common, everyone is blasè about it. Covid-19 (the illness caused by coronavirus) is new, so we don’t know as much about it, so people fear it more. It also has a significantly higher death rate than the flu. Flu death rate is historically less than 0.01% of cases. Covid-19 death rate is currently around 3% of cases, and is expected to level off at around 1.5-2% over time. That’s a big difference.

You still stand a dramatically higher chance of catching the flu, but if you catch both, Covid-19 has a better chance of killing you.

That said, making jokes at the expense of people who are dying is classless and low. I hope that the offending alliance gets absolutely crushed in this war and the next few.


You are correct about the useless masks @Olmor. Viruses are measured in nanometers where your best HEPA filtration system available to the public on remove particulate down to .3 microns (some mold spores can be .1 microns) so the only people that would benefit from wearing even an N-94 mask (higher end removes smaller particulate) would be those that are sick. It would help them from spreading the virus from coughing or sneezing.

Like @NPNKY said that people fear the unknown plus with many post apocalyptic books/movies start with some unknown virus killing the majority of the population such as this book by Dean Koontz
The Eyes of Darkness

But Joking while others are suffering and dying is a completely classless and ignorant thing to do. Things of this nature should be removed as tasteless


Interesting that Koontz chose Wuhan for Wuhan-400. Hmm.


Yeah, I get your point, even this 6 months of seasonal flu 2019-2020, American died 16K, it wasn’t big in the news either.
But anyway, I’m prepared of the unknown tho. I asked my Chinese friends, many of them believe it’s genetically modified because it targets to the elderly unlike normal coronavirus and SARS I. The government bares too much cost for the elderly and there are too many old people in China.
Anyway, the belief is still a belief (which it’s quite convinced me).
Take care of yourself, wash hands and Happy Birthday!! @Olmor

Hey please take care and stay safe!

I found it rather disturbing. Not to mention that the Dr who alerted the world that it was a dangerous flu’s name is right. He died from the virus.
Much to the chagrin of the China leadership.

There’s many old sci-fi writers they saw into the future. Although Koontz got so close but that could because there’s a Military Biological testing facility quite close to Wuhan. I don’t know if it was there in 1981 when he wrote this book.

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Okay, my cynicism radar just pinged. Anyone else wanna say “man-made”?


Supposedly @Rook, it was developed to stop the protests (which did mysteriously disappear). The Chinese were working (supposedly) on an aerosolized agent that would calm rowdy crowds and turn them into obedient sheeeple. They succeeded to well and decide not to use it.
The CIA was aware they had developed something powerful and wanted it. So they offered on of the Chinese scientists enough money for him to agree to exchange a vial of the virus for enough cash to disappear forever. The Chinese military found out at the last minute, tried to stop the exchange in the wet market and somehow the vial broke.
This of course could all be nonsense (which I rather believe) and put out as either a scare tactic or misinformation to distract us from something else. Here you can read it for yourself


Would make a good horror story…oh wait it already did :thinking:


Yeah, Dean Koontz wrote a real ripper… :wink:


That’s just childish, let it be.
There’s several ways to mock an opponent, but that’s plain sad.

If you actually offend for real you do them a favor.

Smile and give them pain.


Or want us to look away from their war monging, corruption, hatred against immigrants and other great things our so called world leaders share behind closed doors, so they sell us something else with help from the “free” media. :shushing_face:


Careful… :wink:


Deepest sympathies to the infected people and countries around the world,however it needs to put in to perspective with a bigger virus back in 1918 that killed 500 million people (Spanish flu).The media does a good enough job with there scaremongering propaganda,this game dosent need narrow minded people to help them along. #ITSNICETOBENICE


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