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Dear @Petri
Today I saw a susbstantial price raise at the game here in Brazil, a 50% raise which made me check twice to see if the offer was correct. Then I took a peak at the shop and all the regular prices were about 50% more expensive.

That is quite an absurd if you are looking to keep South American players spending in the game. I did not expect this, and this has made us very upset, you will lose our purchases for sure from here on. Surely from my part, and I am making sure this serves as a warning to the Brazilian community.

Why the raise? Is there inflation in the game?

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Well, not sure if the base pricing is Euro or USD, but the Real lost around 30% of his value in the last year, so I expect it has been an adjustment.

That means that country is having serious economical issues. We are also on a pandemic and there is absolutely 0 reason for Zynga to raise the prices that much on countries like that.

Any company that value’s their customer will investigate every country independently and prepare their pricing model accordingly.,


I’m using IOS and price increased for me but my friends who are using android it’s not changed. Can you check with your friends who are using android phones in your country? I created a support ticket but didn’t get any response from them !


The Real is constantly changing, our coin gains and loses value daily.
They choose to make a raise and tempt us with overspending or not spending at all.
Surely the community will respond by cutting their $$$
Lets make sure of that at least


Yes in Android prices have NOT changed
IPhone users are paying the price.

This is even more unbalanced than I expected lol


exactly, they are selling virtual things, i dont see why the increase…

SG do control the prices for every country if they want.

btw, i am using android, prices increased for me from September (over 20%)

Yeah I feel it’s not fair for us to pay more. I can buy extra VIP pass from the increased price in today’s Valhalla offer :frowning:

Let us all use our friends’ Android phones and install the game and make purchases if you want to because IPhone users pay 50% more!

@Petri Can we get the reason why price increased for few people ? Why do we need to pay extra for the exact same amount gems and tokens in shop and Halloween offers ?


Game was already super expensive for our currency, and a 50% raise will push the average spender away


A big “slap it in your face!”

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This price increase is done by Apple and it is beyond our control. As we have previously announced, Apple automatically updates the prices of the in-app purchases on its platform to keep the prices consistent.


It has been a good run spending
But the times they are a changing.

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That is very unfortunate
You will surely lose with this 50% raise

And what’s worse is the disparity In prices between Android and iPhone (same amount of gems for a lot less )

P.s. game WAS already super expensive
So imagine that…

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They’ve put a madman in charge and expected something different? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I remember buying books, dolar 1,60, now it’s 6,00.
Off course the game readjusted the prices!


Last time the raise was iOS, a few weeks later hit Androids, so…

Well how do you describe this model?

Game invests in power creep, so next months great heroes will be coming in Valhalla etc etc etc
Every year it is the same, new heroes that make old heroes obsolete
I would be OK if prices weren’t constantly going up! The prices have gone over 100% in raise since game started here in Brazil and with powercreep happening that is impossible to keep up

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Just a model that won’t last
Very unsatisfying and not made to last long


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