Have other alliance experied this?

We have had pretty awful row of titans. So far we have got 5 blue titans in row. At least it’s not same titan every time, but who wants to fight 10* icehammer giant, 10* kraken, 10* icehammer giant, 10* kraken, newest 11* icehammer giant. :joy::wink::rofl:
Also blue is toughest color for most of us. I know it’s random, but I hate blue titans. Anyone else having same kind of bad rows?


Although I do not remember reading anything in the forum, I’m also making low scores.

@Petri could the titans have hardened?

We have seen three in a row of the same color a few times. Never 5.


I remember also three in row, but this is new to me too! :joy: We are already making jokes, how SG wants us to make invest for Evelyn… But seriously this is really weird. :scream:


If you toss a dice several times, you would see longer sequences of same number than you would expect from a random number. A 5 long same color sequence is not extremely long from that perspective, even if it is very boring (especially the blue).

Yeah, that’s true. If I calculated right every color shoul have 20% change to be next color of titan. Same color 5 in row( 0,2^5)*100%=0,032%. It’s not exact, since rare titan will mess, that up little bit. So change to that happen is low.
And yep it’s so boring! Any other color would be much better than blue. :wink:

I think if we are exact same color 5 times in a row is only 0,2^4. Because if it’s a random color we are looking the first instance does not matter. We can get any of the five colors and it will still be a start of a streak.


We had 4 yellow titans in a row. That was annoying. The 4th one was a yellow hydra and somebody said “it’s a green titan!” Joking but a couple of us looked at it and technically it’s a green titan so we brought red teams. After a couple flags somebody noticed it’s actually yellow. Ah well.

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That Hydra looks like green titan! :joy::rofl: I have make same mistake, when I attacked it half sleep… I hope next one would be some other color!


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