Have orichalcum nuggets fled Atlantis?

I did at least100 Atlantis runs, more most likely (14 flasks and most WE for the last two days, looking for nuggets, most of them in province 18, hard, and all I got in return was 5 sorry azz nuggets… 5… out of over 100 runs… I checked the activity logg, just to make sure I’m not delusional, but that’s it… 5 nuggets… anyone else experiencing nuggets shortage, or am I the lucky one?!

I think I’ve had around 40 nuggets from about 70 fights

Damn… what province? What stages? I’ve dropped under 50 nuggets, I was hoping to get back on my feet this Atlantis…

I’ve gotten a good amount this month so it’s just bad luck for you. Better luck for the remainder I hope!

Mostly around province 9 mate, stage 7,8 & 9

Hahaha, guess someone in the right position read my thread! Thanks, keep’em coming!


If you click on a nugget, you’ll see that province 14 is your best bet. I do 14-7 and get a decent amount… But keep in mind the R in RNG.

With tickets, I play 1-2H, 1-9H or 1-10H, and every 7-8 tickets I receive around two nuggets. If you are able try to autoplay on those stages.