Have Norns and Fenrir higher chance than rest of Valhalla?

In every summon I keep getting Boril, Gunar and Hawkmoon all over again and again. Once it start with Boril… It just never stops! Think I will record summons from now on. Have enough of Borils and Hawkmoons. Give me Valen or Li Xiu or Chao or even Berden for crying out loud. Just chage something! Have enough of same heroes all over again and again!

Today i got 2 frigg 1 sif and 2 almour in 10x pul​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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crazy! Enjoy your best 10 pull and dont be in bad mood if this doesnt repeat :smiley:

My memory told me she is the 2nd one to be featured… is it wrong?

The 1st one is Fenrir.

Got Frigg today from a single pull… She adds to Fenrir heimdall Tyr alfrike and norns.
Luckily never a double

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Well, could be… Im not running statistics, just memory :slight_smile:

It is:

February - Fenrir
March - Norns
April - Alfrike
May - Baldur
June - Skadi
July - Lady Loki
August - Frigg

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I didn’t get Norns which I’m thankful for since I already have her. I did get 2x Fenrir, Heimdall and another Zocc from four 10-pulls. At that point I stopped. Heimdall was the hero I coveted. Once I pulled him, my “best case” scenario had been met. Anything else was above and beyond my needs. Plus, I really didn’t want more duplicates. The new heros, Lady Loki and Frigg, can be obtained in the future. Besides, the jury is still out on them as to whether they are worth the ascension materials to level. Good luck all! :wink:

Only dupe for me is Norns.

Sif Freya Heimdall Ratatoskr Norns Norns#2

Frigg is absurdly good! I had my doubts but holy shi…

I threw kitchen sink at Frigg, but she didnt want to join :confused: probably over 150 pulls :stuck_out_tongue:

Now back to saving gems, trying to get Odin

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Odin is the next best thing!

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