Have Norns and Fenrir higher chance than rest of Valhalla?

I got 4 Norns and 2 Fenrirs and maybe 3 other Valhalla heroes…

Somewhere I heard one person also complaining about multiple norns/fenrir combo and got first other heroe in 7th legendary valhalla hero.

Anyone else got similar situation?

Literaly only two heroes who you can basically have 1 and dont get any extra benefit of dupe…

I got 2x heimdall and 3x ratatoskr, apparently it’s different for everyone to get the same :slight_smile:


I have 3 valhalla 5* heroes. All of them Fenrirs. :man_shrugging:

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Is my quick math thinkinh correct, that dupes should happen less likely than any other hero, who hasnt been pulled yet?

All non-featured heroes should be equally likely on every pull, regardless of what has come before. The Atlantis portal seems to decide the color and then the hero, though (if you stop the lights by clicking, you get a hero of that color), so maybe something is occuring to make some heroes more likely.

I can’t say much, as I have exactly 1 Atlantis 5*, exactly 1 Event 5* and no Valhalla 5*s.

Heard about someone pulling 2 or 3 Sifs in few pulls.

But otherwise, it should not be. Only hero that has higher appearance rate is Featured one, ie. Frigg this Valhalla. All other should have technically the same probability of appearance. I say technically because the RNG is actually not completely random, but pseudorandom instead, and I don’t know the exact workings of whatever SG uses, so I am purely speculating on that.

I don’t have any non-S1 non-HotM 5* duplicate, though color-wise some weird stuff is going on for me too: all non-HotM 5* I pulled for last 2 months were all purple (Kage, Obakan, Ursena, Sartana). Now if Alfrike would join them, sigh …

Basicaly many got weird dupe combinations…

In this line i must say i am blue heavy in that i have 2 magnis, 2 isarnias, cRichard, rafaelle, thorne, and 3 fenrirs. In contrast i only have kage and domitia for purple.

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again 3 fenrirs and how many other valhalla heroes?

If you don’t want them and have multiple copys give them to me :grin::grin::grin:. Would love to have Fenrir and Norns. So far didn’t get them. Couple of Nordris (thanks), Gravle (love that mini Heimdall badger), Shedereve and season one dupes. But I still hope for Fenrir and Norns.

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I dont know…i have 5 season 3 5* one per colour.
Heimdall, Tyr, fenrir, norns and alfrike

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I pulled my third Sif off coins last night. She was food for Viv-c


None any more. Just the 3 s3 heroes. And all fenrirs.

Didnt get any dupes
Got Alfrike on day1, and Justice on day2

4x Freya’s, 3x Heimdall’s … anyone wanna swap? :sweat_smile:
I do like my Lady Loki and Fenrir pulls tho <3
Idk about my Ratatoskr pull yet.

All heroes that have been featured and come to the game earlier are bound to be the most numerous because:

Featured = bigger chance
Earlier = have been in the portal longer

My only S3 5* as of now is Tyr.

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Besides the slightly different chances for featured heroes it is all random and so it’s often perceived unbalanced from a subjective point of view.
I have many 5* (more than 50 maxed), but only a single S2 and no S3 at all, although i spent most of my money with S2/S3. I did find 5*, but typically HotM or regular 5*.
Even when spending a lot, the number of pulls is still much too low to give an even distribution.
I hopped that HA would finally give us something to balance, by avoiding giving you duplicates, but of course that would not have fit into the RNG mechanism of the game.
Maybe they will some day find something that allows us to make use of duplicate heroes that they are willing to share with us.

I have high hopes for the hero academy… as i only have half of s1 5* heroes. Looking forward to claiming my 5% non s1 heroes.

Looks like RNG stuck on same heroes. Once someone gets heroes it will continue to give same heroes over and over again. Talked about it yesterday in my alliance. One player waits for Azlar and Vivica while other has dupes of same heroes that first player is waiting. Looks like summons should be more diversed.

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All true, but Norns came mid season and with your opinion included, its hard to ignore the extent of this. I never pulled fenrir neither Norns when they were featured. Would like to hear from others if that was the case for them.