Have I missed something? (Have Dator and Uclapack quit E&P?)

Have dator and ucla quit E&P?
Listening and learning from these two on YouTube was a highlight on a weekly basis. Their banter and fun way of explaining everything was definitely one of the ways I really started getting into this game. The food analogies for the hero’s were brilliant! Burrito onoddle etc bleeping aegir
But looking thru cp line up, they are no longer there? Is this permanent? Or a break?


@Uclapack has not made it 100% clear, but it sounded pretty darned permanent.


The raid tournaments seem to have broken the game.


The significant (severe, even) problems with the matchmaking and loot for the first one have certainly caused a lot of frustration, discussion, and disagreement.

I’d like to think that won’t break things long-term, and I think a lot of good feedback was shared on the Forum about the major issues.

I’m personally looking forward to an improved version — while fully expecting it will take several iterations to actually get it right.

I’m also expecting that much like Titans, Wars, Raids, Quests, Class Trials, Challenge and Seasonal Events, world map content, Summoning, hero leveling, ascension mats, chest loot and frequency, in-game chat, and everything else — there will always be room for improvement, and mixed opinions in the Community, and that those opinions will be shared and repeated for a long time to come.

I’m not sure I’d say all of that make the game broken, I think it’s just an indication that we’re all passionate about the game, and want to see the very best version of it possible.

As for @Dator and @Uclapack, I unfortunately don’t know either of them personally, but I’ve seen them be helpful contributors to the community and appreciate their efforts and openness sharing their insights.

If they’ve moved on, I wish them well, and hope they enjoy wherever they head next. I’m sure they’ll be a credit to any game community they participate in.

And if this apparent break is just temporary, I look forward to seeing them back on the Forum in the future.


My comment was said tongue in cheek. It just seems to me that there was a lot of emotion behind this recent first run of a raid tournament. It seems many were very upset about the loot distribution. And in this, broke the game for them.

Hopefully after things settle down and the tournaments are fixed, they can come back with a clear head.


I hope so too, though it sounded like this was the last straw more than the sole issue, judging by this:


Wow ok that’s all rather depressing!

I hope they both do come back


Even though I was a little disgruntled at how poorly I ranked despite not losing a single fight, I actually found the loot distribution quite refreshing.

To see so many players under level 40 in the top 10 and none of the same old, same old big cash whale names I think was actually good for the game.

I certainly don’t begrudge those lower level players who managed to make out like thieves in the night with huge boxes of loot form the tournament even if it was down to a bugged matchmaking system :smiley:


How the heck can people be unhappy with the loot distribution??? The top 1% (the best loot tier) has loot comparable to the top 10 of a challenge event. That’s around 10,000 people getting awesome loot weekly vs 10 monthly. I know you didn’t say that you were unhappy with the loot distribution, but anyone who did has seriously flawed logic. And people should of expected there to be some road bumps with a brand new feature just like @zephyr1 said above. It will take time for SG to get matchmaking squared away just like it took time to fix matchmaking for Alliance Wars. The developers are looking to give the game more depth, which is awesome.

And on topic I really also miss the streams, they were super funny and entertaining. Hopefully they will spread the Datorluck around again. I think the toxicity of the community infected them, people need to find real things to complain about instead of a GAME.


This is the wrong thread to relitigate the question of tournament loot drops.


I was a constant complainer when the war matchmaking was so poor. My concern was that there was no guarantee it would ever be fixed. After 25 LOSSES and being exhausted trying to keep up the spirits of fellow alliance members, I was almost ready to give up.

Thankfully the war scores added balance and fairness to our war match ups and we’ve enjoyed them ever since (apologies to those alliances still struggling with poor matchings).

With the problems of the first raid tournament, I’ve only voiced my agreement once that there needs to be changes made. The reason why I’m not as concerned is because i can see that SG worked at improving the war issues, and I’m sure they want to make changes to the raid tournaments, too.

EDIT: I may be a bit off-topic but it seems like the OP touched on a reason why a couple of long-term players want to quit - the raid tournament being one of them

@zephyr1 off-topic?


Given the context of @Uclapack’s and @Dator’s posts in the raid tournament compensation thread prior to apparently leaving the game, I think it’s difficult to discuss their departure without touching on the Raid Tournaments.

However, we have plenty of places to debate and discuss the Raid Tournaments, including the issues with the loot distribution from the first one due to matchmaking and loot tier calculation problems.

So my suggestion is we try to avoid diving too far into that topic before this thread turns into yet another place debating that same topic.

The “why would long-term players leave” angle on that is new and certainly on-topic in this context.


First was Anchor, now Uclapack and Dator… Quite a loss to the game community.


I wasn’t trying to do that, just pointing out how it was the last straw in the hat that was unraveling before it gets thrown out.


It often occurs to me that a lot of the issues are caused by top players, who have a very high understanding of the game and community pointing out serious or contentious issues, but having their voices fall on deathears.

It seems to be the way of the world now days that rather than go with their hearts, companies listen to risk management algorithms instead

As an ingame example of this, after 1 Hr of raid tourney going live, a large part of the community suggested, stopping it immediately and fixing the glaring issues. At this point sg weighed up several factors, look a bit foolish but maintain dignity(go with their heart option)
Or ignore the obvious close yours eyes hold on tight and kick the bull square in the ribs and pray it all isn’t as bad as it looks, then don’t comment on any of the results, just say were fix it. (risk management option)

These companies almost always appear to prefer to ride the bull instead of listen to their player base. Almost as if they see more shame in admitting their wrong and the players were right all along

We all understand the limited numbers in beta, can’t produce the data required to flush out all the errors, so why don’t they employ a very simple testing method.
Step 1 test the basics in beta
Step 2 test the results in live game but call it a alpha test (instead of loot rewards, simply offer a set reward for participants)
Step 3 fix the issues
Step 4 final alpha test in live game (again set rewards, no matter your results)
Step 5 repeat 3 and 4, or go live with glitchless new game feature
There are no losers, no compo claims, we all gain and sg save face, listen to the community and implement more great content.


Those two occasionally leave CP and hang out with friends in other alliances, so it’s not certain yet that they’ve quit. Although yes they’ve both made statements about being unsatisfied customers. I haven’t been playing nearly as long as they have, or spent the same money but I’ve thought of quitting too, more than once. The really :poop: part of this game is that the time and money you’ve spent is like a motivating factor to keep playing even if you don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s tough to put it down after all the time and money you’ve invested, what a waste! Look at all this progress you made! That’s what made the tourney such a let down I think. It was very exciting and then it was like what’s the point, again. The time and the money spent to level heroes just meant nothing. The only thing SGG said was “our bad. We’ll fix it for next time.” And they just let the loot tiers ride. People who went 20/20 got basically nothing and just watch all the screenshots of amazing loot being passed around. 100 emblems here, a couple 4* ascension items there. I got a gold token and sticks and rocks. And I got told I was entitled for asking if fairness is a possibility. It’s “free loot!” I heard that more than once. No doubt from people who’s “free loot!” Was actually quite good. maybe not the 10%-25% I personally got for going flawless. Others who went flawless ended up in 25%-50% loot tier shudder so anyways if those two did quit, I understand. I’ve never seen worse customer service in any industry. There’s literally no other thing that exists that I’m aware of where you can spend thousands of dollars for an entertainment service and just be completely ignored when you have a legitimate complaint. If they got fed up I’m not surprised. Somebody mentioned earlier in this thread about Anchor. Yeah he got fed up. So if @Petri (the community manager) wants to possibly consider coming down from the mountain once in awhile to engage with the ants, maybe SGG will stop losing all of their highest spending players.


It was random

20-0 didnt mean automatically no 1% loot

Going 20-0 didnt mean automatically 1% loot either

That’s the part people forget. Some people that went 20-0 got 1% loot, some that went 20-0 didnt get 1% loot

Not that it matters, just figured that little tidbit of info sounds better than “the system targeted anyone that went 20-0 and screwed them over”


Yes it was completely random. Players who went 18/20 got the 1%-5% loot tier. It really sucked.

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It would be a shame if they quit just for that (or that’s only the last good reason to persuade them to quit).
I like them as players, and i think i like them as persons too.

This game has still many things to offer for them and all the others, let’s hope it’s just a bit of frustation (totally legit) and they just need a bit of cooldown.


Think zephyr is about to slap our hands for derailing


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