Have I missed recieving 5* aetheri somehow?

Activity will only allow me to view the past five days so need help if possible. It seems I have had four 5* aetheri on all elements for some time.
I was so excited when I saw the limit break quest today as thought I would be able to finally limit break a hero and one of my dark heros at that.
After rush to complete quest I look and shows I only have four 5* aetheri… still . Activity shows I received them all during this limit break ?
I hope I am somehow mistaken. I play multiple times a day. Fiance logs in less times a day and has more 5* aetheri ? He was able to limit break a 5* dark hero . Is there a way you can see what I could have missed or ?

Thanks in advance

Quest gives four
Otherwise need random loot or purchases for the fifth

Well he hasn’t purchased, did I miss another quest or something by chance ? He doesn’t remember how he got the other four dark 5* aetheri that went with the one today so he could limit break his ursena leaving him with zero dark aetheri. We both purchased the first Phoenix offer but not the second.

Could be war or raid tournaments random loot. I think alliance quest gave aethers too.

This was the first LB quest for dark. You couldn’t have had 4 5* dark previously unless you got them elsewhere. Fiance may have gained a 5* dark elsewhere.

The last LB quest was the second ice quest, mis-secheduled before the first dark. You should have 8 5* ice aethers unless you missed it.


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