Have I lost the plot?

So the answer to that is normally a resounding “a long time ago”

However this is what I’m wondering. I have my LotL at +20 she is in both my war and regular D and I use her all the time in PVE.

Very soon though I will have both Quintus and Uraeus maxed out.

Along with a decent stock of emblems


As we use purple tanks for VF war my plan is to use Quintus there ( as good as Seshat is she isn’t really doing the job there) and with the amount of minion makers around Uraeus will see lots of action in attack.

Do I strip LotL down and redistribute evenly ( for example I don’t have a high enough troop for the mana node 20 to be having much effect?

I think everyone would be around 10 nodes that way or do I just keep them all on pond girl and build up more for the others eventually?

Question: Do you use LotL for war defence outside very fast wars?


Yep. She is in my normal war D as a flank and in normal raid D as part of a 3 up/ 2 back

I’d have a hard time embleming Quintus just to use for very fast wars.
Similar logic for Uraeus. I have him with 18 emblems and I wouldn’t say he’s been a difference maker in any minion war when I use him. He has made a slight difference when I face him on defense.

I would love Lady of the Lake. I can’t imagine swapping her for these two.

I think you’ve got solid logic, I just can’t see myself doing it.


I would NOT unemblem LOTL (is that a word?). Other than VF wars, when will you use Quintus?..I gather not very often. LOTL and Uraeus will be used a lot, I’d give the extras to Uraeus because he’ll be a frequent hero in raids. Costume Q is already fairly bulky as a tank in VF wars and tournies. I’d be much more fear full of a emblemless quintus with a 20 emblem LOTL flank.



I put +9 emblems on costume Quintus and use him in fast war - and he is good.
Plus he is also good in a purple stack on both Titan and raid revenge etc


Okay. In your case, I suggest that you don’t bother to emblem C-Quintus too much specifically for very fast wars.

Why? I have used C-Quintus +20 as tank for very fast wars, and I find his performance there underwhelming. (Equipped with mana 29 troop, and wars at top 100 alliance level for context. He could be considerably better at a less competitive level).

I’ve also found him underwhelming when used as a tank in past very fast raid tournaments.

I’m glad @JGE has a better experience with him though. For me, C Quintus shines on my team against holy titans, due to his high attack stat.

I am not sure about Uraeus, thus no comment.

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This. A hundred times this. LotL flank eats my shorts :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks I just replaced CSartana with CQuintus on my titan stack

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We are mid 200’s and maybe the drop off from top 100 is pretty steep but our Quintus tanks do catch some people out. I think they decide it’s easy pray and go in with the “weakest” team (which is still pretty strong usually, just not A+)

I think the trick is what you flank you him with. Quintus with a LOTL next to him has the potential to be devastating if you can’t get going before she fires.


It definitely could be. That’s why I mentioned my equipped troop and the alliance level.

In other words, in my experience, C-Quintus just doesn’t work well at top 100 alliance level. That’s a very select group of players.

It doesn’t mean that he can’t work a lot better at a less competitive alliance level.


Do you have Elizabeth?

Stripping the 'blems from LotL would be a colossal error. Don’t do it!


Thanks for the opinions peeps. LotL will keep her emblems I think if my math is right I have enough to put 6/7 onto both of the others from my reserves there anyway.

@Pompitous nope no Elizabeth. I have a grand total of 4 heroes I can use sorcerer emblems on. Those 3 and lampshade head.

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You missed, "in a galaxy far far away:… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah I’m sure there must be a version of me somewhere in some galaxy or universe capable of making sensible decisions, just not this one… :rofl: :thinking: :upside_down_face:


I would recommend embleming Uraeus with all of your remaining emblems for now. I am going to assume that he will get used in any yellow attack and potentially a few others throughout gameplay. He is a decent sniper and his minion counter is pretty good.

Splitting emblems wont really accomplish that much. A + 6 or 7 Quintus tank vs a 4-80 Quintus tank is not really going to make that much of a difference overall. Not to mention we are talking about 2 wars out of the entire rotation. Why sacrifice emblems for such a small use case?

I would think your Seshat is serviceable enough at tank in the wars where you go purple for now and maybe you will get a better hero that will get more use in the future. We also have no context for what other purples you have. If you said that Quintus was going to be used in your purple stack regularly and also in your defense occasionally, then maybe it would make sense to emblem him now. But I think Uraeus is going to get more use for you.

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Seconded. Uraeus is miles better than quintus


I’d thought Seshat would’ve been good enough too, but I getvone shotted about 95% of the time so time to try something different.

Both Quintus and Uraeus will go into my secondary attack teams of each colour.

Quintus with Domitia+12 and Proteus +19 and Uraeus with Chao +18 and Justice

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