Have anyone info about July or August HoTM?

Is there any information about July\ August HoTM? May be from beta? Any new heroes? What to expect?

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A lot of threads are mentioning them.
Just search for the words:
Gravemaker - red - hits 3 enemies with very fast mana and has dot
Gregorion - green - average mana hard hitter on single target and gives 30% critical to allies

This guy just looks really overpowered, I guess they are gonna nerf him before release :smiley:

I don’t think he is gonna be nerfed, neither any of the new heroes. We have titans up to 14* coming up and with our current heroes less than 100 (if not much) alliances would be able to beat them on daily basis. They need to give us more powerful weapons, or release 6* heroes.


Do you fight against 14*? Does they have increased attack? Or only increased hp?

We didn’t receive any above 10* yet but who played on beta said it was not only increased HP. They may have more atk and def and new specials too

Yeah, 1.12 definitely feels like (one of) the last balance pass towards a new tier of heroes.

But don’t expect SG to fill you in on that. If word came out that today’s HoTM is tomorrow’s just another dud, that Gregorious wouldn’t look so attractive anymore, now would he?

I’d like a Gregorius. And that Gravemaker, I’d like him too. Gimme gimme gimme.

That guy definitely looks OP. I’m not normally one to whine but the game is edging not merely towards “pay to win” but more like “pay a LOT to win”. Considering that HoTM are hard to get unless you spend some major buck for making multiple 10x pulls.

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He is like Ares

20 char

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I really don’t see him as that OP.
I mean, average mana single target with about normal dmg (correct me if I’m wrong).
The elemental link has been deemed not that great in many occasions, so that leaves the crit.
Now I’m not that sure about the crit, as I do not own or have faced ares that much, but is it really good enough that it makes him OP with average mana?

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Gregorion seems a must have for titan’s score and Gravemaker will mainly be a PvP star but that sweet attack score and VF special could make it shine for everything.


Is Gregorion’s skill with crit usable for other Heroes skills? or Gregorion’s crit allowed only for regular attack?

Player’s special attacks can’t crit.

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Gregorion is one of the silliest looking heroes SG has ever put out… We deserve better ! That’s all I’ll say about that…

Look familiar ?


Greg isn’t overpowered at all. He just looks overpowered because he is not terrible like all the greens (other than Zeline or Alberich).
He fills the role against blue titans as a green hero that buffs the team. This buff is not better than that of Kiril, Boldtusk, Ares or Wu Kong. Good that it stacks, but come on guys, he’s no Athena. There is going to be no nerf. He’s as solid as many other HOTMs (which are separating farther and farther from the training camp 5*s).

Gravemaker is a nice PVP hero with the buff, but he was terrible in his original state. HOTM has to be attractive to generate sales. He too will not be nerfed.

Greg builds on the synergy that’s already existing for Wu + buffer + debuffer. On his own? Just one of the better greens. But if you complete the Fantastic Four with him, I’d be very interested in the results against titans.

That he does, but does he do it well enough to take a spot away from a strong color hitter?
I mean that would mean that you would almost go with a rainbow team against some titans.

I do not like my gregorion at all. It seems that goes along with perseus to the hotms that are not worth anything. Just perseus is the only one I have so I’m sure he also gets Gregorion hahahaha

That remains to be seen. Hopefully I’ll be able to try that out in practice.

But the synergy of Wu +buffer+debuffer is in setting off as much tiles as possible. And Gregorion’s special definitely adds up very well to that.

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