Have anyone ever try Sergei + C Tiburtus + Killhare combo?

I get this idea when I see my Sergei & C Tiburtus and Killhare in Beta Soul Exchange :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This combo will hit very hard to all enemy, use only 3 heroes and can be charge in 9 tile. Have anyone ever try this combo ? Is it great ?

I haven’t, but Ferg has.

Not exactly what you asked, but similar


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.

I search “Sergei C Tiburtus Killhare” but don’t find that.

Not surprise when I see @ferg say



:sweat_smile: killerbunny, killhare no difference for me

But yes really good combo.
Sometimes I also add rigard c for attack + in the same speed.

It’s really cheap with troops, only killhare needs a bigger one, rigard c, tibs c and Sergej work with lvl 5 troops (or with mana node even lvl 1) and Sergej even without manatroop.
So a good combination for people without a lot of far leveled troops in one color.

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Yes, but they are different for the search engine :rofl:

Yes, it is easy to make them charge in 9 tile. Add C Rigard is also good choice :slightly_smiling_face:

I have. I still prefer C. Rigard + C. Tibs to Sergei + C. Tibs. Of course the latter combo does more damage but when attacking 5000+ TP teams, C. Rigard’s heal goes a long way.

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@u2371 I have a new favorite dark mono team (at least for normal pvp, I don’t play mono during war)

Rigard c, Sergej, tibs c, killerbunny was already covered here as a good combo.
After the last costume chamber I added obakan c.

Now all 5 charge with 9 tiles or earlier. Element def down, def down and 2 hitting all. And whoever survives kills themselves on riposte.
And obakan c with his reposte on 3 profits from the def down from killhare.