Have any player ideas ever actually been implemented?

Just curious about this. Has ANYTHING that the community has asked for ever made it into the game? Or are we all pretty much talking to a wall here?

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I think hero academy and alchemy lab were player ideas, if not exactly how they were implemented. World titans too. Not sure what else, but there are definitely examples out there.

Not to say that a bunch of us aren’t talking to walls here at times, whether SGG or other forumers

You’d be pleasantly surprised how many of the current features were requested by players at some point of time.


Interesting to see what was added, although that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.

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One thing I can think of that’s been added recently from requests is the “claim all” button from training camps

And I agree, it would be nice to see an updated list


Wow not far off when I asked this question.

They did change gobbler :wink:

• Telly nerf
• Vela nerf
• Khagan buff
• Thorne buff
• Online player indicator
• Athena nerf
• Zeline nerf
• Elkanen buff
• Kadilen buff
• Alchemy Lab restructuring
• Guinevere nerf
• Margaret buff
• Aegir buff
• Skadi buff
• Alliance war chest

And several more hero nerfs and buffs and other minor QOL improvements that has been requested by players already long gone before they were implemented in the live game.


Were you ever aware of the “Velluria” saga?

Um they changed the phrasing on Hero Academy levels 9 & 10 into “re-training” which was direct contribution from yours truly.


A player once said, “oh screw me, my summons are always terrible”. So they implemented screwing everyone’s summons from that point on. Damn that guy.


The “online indicator” in the Alliance list was a frequently requested feature. Basically everything they’ve tried with respect to War matching has been the result of feedback, and the latest attempt (tracking individual War penalties) is no exception. Costumes were a roundabout (and creative!) way of dealing with complaints about the uselessness of S1 Heroes.

Basically, SGG has made attempts to address many of the concerns of the player base, but have rarely done so by doing exactly what they’re told. This approach has had… mixed reviews. :rofl:


Then there was scrapping of 1* and 2* tournies…


Which I’m super annoyed about, at least the 2* one. That should have been a good idea for a beginner-only tournament, but the Emblems and loot structure really don’t accommodate it. In my opinion, those two things have really conspired to make the rarity of Heroes useless as a metric.

But, yeah, there’s lots of stuff got changed when we yelled. It’s just a slow process.

The 2 stars were fun imo, I doubt a 1 star tourney would engage many.

I was one who complained about 2* wars. It’s good they scrapped it. I hate playing with my food.

Have you never fed a 3*, 4* or 5*?

I enjoyed it. It really separated the wheat from the chaff.

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It was kind of like playing a 16 pawn vs 16 pawn chess game

I have, except the legendaries, where it goes to be recycled at the Hero Academy. I don’t care whether I get :poop: there as long as I have a weekly 5% chance of getting past HOTMs and old event heroes. RNG be RNG. I have already gotten used to it, thanks for the years of queuing at TC20.

But 2* heroes are a different animal. Maxing them not only is a waste of food and resources, but it also occupies roster space. Imagine 30 of them maxed needed to be in your permanent roster just for alliance wars and only there since there are no other facets in the game that require the use of only 2* heroes. I shudder on that.

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20 types of harshness…

EDIT: I played with my original 5 so it was more challenging.

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