Have a Platinum Hero coins

I would like to suggest that maybe 5 to 10 golden hero tokens can be exchange to 1 suggested Platinum coin and this Platinum 4* coin can be guaranteed 1 x 5* hero pull.Likewise for troop tokens also.

Any comments additional input is encouraged!

Guaranteed 1x5* hero from regular epic summons?

Does that include the seasonal summons?

If it includes seasonal summons, it would result in some financial losses there since people stock up epic hero tokens as is.

That platinum token should summon 5* regular hero (and seasonal event heroes too) and just increasing chance to summon HoTM. If 5 gold token is needed to exchange, this platinum should have 6.33% probability to summon HoTM.

I like the idea.

I actually would prefer to save up tokens to merge for better chances. I’m ok with delayed gratification.

The current chance for a 5* from the epic hero summon is 1.5%. If you want to get the odds to a coin toss between getting a 5* and not, you’d have to use 46 tokens. So 5 - 10 tokens is not nearly enough of a cost for a guaranteed 5*. If you factor in HOTM probability, you’re down to 25 tokens for a coin flip, but it’s not clear from your proposal whether you’re including the HOTM as a potential result, or only the classic 5* heroes.

If you’re proposing only 5-10 EHTs for a new 4* token, then I would only guarantee a 4* hero, with an increased chance at a 5* hero.

Also, this is a potential duplicate of Summon Token Upgrades – Trade/Convert Multiple Daily Summons Tokens into Epic Hero Tokens.

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