Have a nice day

Have a nice day…

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Looks great.Everybody seems to like you…

I’m Julio from Italy. I speak quite English. Is it ok for you?

No problem Julio. Send us your roster. Thanks .

Is the spot still available?


Yes. Send us your roster , please.

Love the single malt requirement. Creative for sure😉

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A bottle of Château Laffite wine will do the job too.

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Water allowed !
In case of emergency.

@Garanwyn, @Rook, @zephyr1 it looks like this one could be merged with the other recruit thread from this alliance


Yes, please do mods. I put a request to merge in the other thread and linked to this one. I let our teammate (the OP) know about the ‘1 per customer’ rule :slight_smile:


Like your logo, dudes…

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The other thread has been closed. This is the current, active thread. :+1:

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@Rook After all that… could you lock this thread please? The OP has left our alliance rather abruptly, and I’d like to avoid any issues. I’ll repost a new msg. Sorry for the hassle :slight_smile:

No worries. Closed at your request. :slight_smile:

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