Have a member having issues after the update

I’m not sure but I think it might just be a device problem. But I wanted to bring this here Incase someone knows for sure. She has a Samsung J1…

If she’s using a Samsung J1 then her device is classed as “old”, does she other devices that she could use?

Unfortunately my technical expertise is somewhat limited on a work around, perhaps @zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Kerridoc are able to help?


@MrsBCW has it right. Basically, the game won’t run on that device any more, unfortunately.

The minimum specs for Android are here:

It looks like the J1 is right at the lower limit for specs, but apparently there’s something about it that just won’t work.

If your alliance member has access to a PC, she can download Bluestacks and play that way.


Thank you guys… I will let her know… I kind of had a feeling that was the issue. :heart:


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