Hatter's Special not working correctly

Today I attacked a team with Aegir and I used Hatter to steal the buffs from Aegirs special. Optically everything worked fine and all the indicators showed on my heroes instead of the enemy’s. But during the turn the Hatter fired in, all enemy heroes still shared damage.
Android, Version 27.0.0 Build 1230

As in they shared the damage that Hatter did?

As in they shared the damage Liana did after the Hatter. I only noticed it since it should have taken out Aegir and instead all heroes flashed and got damaged. Didn’t notice if it also showed damage values for all the other heroes but their LP definitely went down. I’ll try to reproduce and take a screenshot

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Perfect! That was find to be the next question for screenshots

I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem in PvP. As it happened in war the first time around I’ll try again in this war, otherwise I’ll write it off as a fluke and we can close this topic. Maybe it was a special combination of heroes or a glitch in the system.

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