Hatter vs Khiona & Brienne – Stealing Attack Buffs

I cant remember who ask the question in another post…but just so others can know who are wondering…

Hatter steals both Khiona and Brienne’s attack increase…I also used Hatter against Inari and he works on her as well.

He is something to be worried about on offensive teams…

I ended up fighting a team that had Khiona, Aries, and Inari…and when Hatter used his special…it got real ugly for the other team…QUICK


Thats awesome to hear, i was lucky enough to get hatter, bummed at first because i wanted either alice or queen more, but now i think im more happy that i got hatter than i would have been if i got alice, and about as happy if i had gotten queen. Glad to start hearing good things about him. :slight_smile:

He’s definitely worth leveling up :sunglasses::+1:

Hatter won’t be on every raid, and probably not on titan teams (dependong on ypur roster depth). But when you find an opponent with buff-happy heroes, Hatter is geat.


My face when I saw certain heroes with BOTH Khiona and Aries’s buffs = :open_mouth::grin:


Just one of those off hand heros that are fun to play with, can be a real game changer if you’re going into a war slightly underpowered, kind of reminds me of Hansel in a way, they are a gamble but when it works out its alot of fun.


Did any of them dodge hatters steal?

I’m lvling Lianna atm but guess hatter will be next

Khiona is a rogue, so she can dodge the damage but not the steal. You need Inari or a monk to evade the steal.

Stealing Inari’s buffs would be fun, too.

I’m so happy to hear this! Hansel is a favorite of mine and is more often than not a star in my war attacks. Can’t wait to get the Hatter leveled up now and may need to think about halting my work on Alice!

Hatter went off before Inari so he didnt miss anybody

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