Hatter steals talents too...lol...kind of — dispellable buffs from Talents can be stolen like other dispellable buffs

Hatter out here stealing everything…HE CANT BE TRUSTED!! Screenshot_20190226-132318_Empires

He’s even stealing people’s paladin shields…

Just took everything from Ares and sent him home


i must 4/80 him asap.

Need 2 more tonics… (well, 1 more with Shrikewood coming up)…


Mines is only at 3/70 and is quite dangerous on offense against teams with buffs

Class buffs are dispellable, so yeah, Hatter will steal them. It is pretty funny to see him with a Paladin buff :slight_smile:

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I’m just looking forward to my Evelyn/Hatter/Gregorion combo. Should be pretty brutal.

Maybe call that plan B against a GM tank…

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“Aegir got buffed, you say?”

“OH, that’s a shiny new Frida you’ve gotten to 4/80… it’d be a shame if something… happened…”

“Time to turn King Arthur into a Squire…”


Really wish I had hatter! Maybe next time around.

This is what happens when you “were” ranked at #44 and choose to bring Tarlak and Khagan against THE HATTER Screenshot_20190226-140154_Empires

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Wait … all the buffs and upgrades from talents can be stolen ?

What ever talent buff that hero has activated when Hatter fires can AND will be stollen

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The buffs which actually proc from the abilities, yeah. But the intrinsic abilities can’t be stolen.

So you can steal the Paladin defense buff if it’s activated. But you can’t steal the ability to create the
Paladin defense buff. That’s intrinsic.

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Hatter hold his own at 3/70?

@Juzjokez, can you load his 3/70 stats?

I can take mine to 3/70 after maxing eve and lianna.
Have 12 tonics and 20 shields after shrikewood.

He is a lot of fun, mine is on his way up (3rd tier) but I need 4 more tonics. That being said I’m still glad I fully ascended lianna and eve first as that combo is great in almost every situation - but if your war team is buff reliant we are going to have a tea party!


Here ya go…


The SG gods refuse to let me get Lianna…they know I would have a field day with my teams

Edit: whoa…I just noticed his power is 666

:smiling_imp: -evil laugh- ahhhhhhhahahahahaaaaaa!

I only have 6 tonics. Should I be using them on Hatter now lol or Zeline; both 3-70?

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Zeline is great, but the hatter would be more fun imo. Zeline is stronger in more situations and while eventually you want them both maxed you are unlikely to use them together at the same time. I would say its a tough choice and depends on what you want.

But remember the hatter is not a defensive hero do if you want that rainbow defence team and it’s your first green then zeline probably gets my vote


I am still getting used to The Hatter. He is very fun :slight_smile: I love when I have a hard decision that wont be wrong.

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