Hatter special is not working on Red Hood

It works on Inari…why not Red Hood???

Fix it

Because Red Hood does her magic with minions, not status effects. Hatter doesn’t steal minions; he steals status effects.

Use Captain of Diamonds to counter Red Hood.

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Ok. Makes sense…thanks :sunglasses::+1:

Just like to point out he does in fact steals minions…

He steals Inari’s minions…

I know this because I’ve done it several times…now WHY his special dont work on Red Hood or Delilah …I dont know.

Please find out how this is possible

Dispellable buffs are buffs period…minions are minions…minions are apart of a buff…Hatter steals ALL dispellable buffs…so…his special should work on ALL heroes that have minions…

I had to think about when you said Red Hood uses magic…lol…THEY ALL use magic to summon minions

If he is stealing Inari’s minions then it is a bug. Thanks for pointing it out. SG will fix that ASAP!

Edit: are you sure her dodge buff didn’t get stolen instead?

There is no way Hatter was designed to steal minions. That would make all minion heroes less than worthless against Hatter.

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It seems that what you saw is The Hatter stole Inari’s dodge buff, and the dodge buff summon the minions when your hero dodge special attack.


Minions are not buffs. They’re not dispellable either. Feel free to try using a dispeller when minions are active and report back to us what happens.

Inari does have a dispellable buff that produces minions though. That buff can be stolen, and if it activates, a minion will be produced.

No other minion producer produces minions via a dispellable buff.


Tested it (wrote it in thread queen-red hood)! You’re 100% right!

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