Hatter not working properly

I am hitting Boril with Hatter and Boril is keeping his counter attack, shouldn’t hatter be stealing his counter attack and put it on someone else.

Did Hatter happen to have some status effect applied like Drakes blind? That could make him miss.

no effects were applied

Was Brynhild next to Boril? My hatter has been stealing riposte.

It was Triton, kashrek, sartana, boril and kelile

If The Hatter dies from the counterattacked damage, he won’t steal the buffs.

Due to the order of effects. Hero Special Skills are processed in the order they are written on the card:

  1. Hatter deals damage to targets
  2. counter attack is returned to the hatter
  3. hatter steals buffs
  4. Hatter redistributes buffs to allies.

I am aware of this however Hatter didn’t steal the counter attack from Boril, Hattrr didn’t die and I did win the raid. I have had this happen 3 times in the last week. I believe hatter has a glitch.

Can you perchance take a video / recording of it next time you face Boril with your hatter?

Will be much easier to see what’s happening & eliminate any other possibilities / maybe find the solution?

Was Ranvir or Wu Kong in your team?

Yes, I will do that.

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