Hatter + Malosi interaction

Hatter’s special ability:
“Steals all dispellable buffs from all enemies and randomly casts them on all allies.”

Malosi’s special ability:
“The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns.”

I hit the Hatter with Malosi, effect was applied. Hatter then used his special and stole buff gained from Poseidon and his allies gained the buff.
Based on the wording that last part should not have happened. Either this is a bug or the in-game wording is not correct.
Unfortunately I have no screencap or video but this should be easily reproducable.

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I have both, so I’m interested in the outcome of this. Unfortunately, I don’t often see a lot of Hatters around to attack, so it’s unlikely I’ll get to test it. I’ll keep an eye out, though.

I gotta say, I love bringing Malosi along to most raids now, I have a Lvl 11 mana troop that he gets and he charges in 6 tiles, which is awesome. :smiley: Fun seeing tanks like Aegir just mope about feeling useless. :wink: And even someone like Ursena, she still does her huge damage, but if I can fire Malosi first, at least he keeps her from putting in the Yellow reflect so I can rip her apart with G.Jackal & Joon!

I’m interested to see if this is a bug, or if the wording is just unfortunate and they intend Hatter’s transfer of buffs to be a “steal” rather than him “casting” them (as the description says).

Good gaming!

The Hatter is a cleric, you may need to check its level of emblems, as cleric has talent ability to “resist ailment that prevent the use of special skills.”

Same as heavily emblemed Kunchen etc.

My guess is The Hatter talent proc and resisted Malosi…

Not sure it’s a bug…

No. I told you that Malosi’s effect was applied (as indicated by the visual plus I checked it afterwards). Also it’s not relevant because Malosi doesn’t stop Hatter from casting the special anyway.

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@Oliz, the OP stated: “I hit the Hatter with Malosi, effect was applied.”

I took this to mean that they noted that the Malosi icon appeared on Hatter, which would mean that Manashield didn’t kick in. But simplest solution is that is what actually happened. :slight_smile:

This is why we need some type of “training grounds” feature, so I could make my heroes fight each other! Then I could test out Malosi vs. Hatter, instead of having to try to find a Hatter out in the wild on a defense. (And trust me… I’d love to see a Hatter out there instead of the multitude of Telluria I see all day, every day!)

Good gaming!

Perhaps a visual shot of the event would help to ascertain the case…

My understanding in this is, Hatter would be stealing EXISTING (i.e., not new) buffs from the enemies and then casting them to his allies. Since the buffs that Hatter steals are not new status effects, I think this is normal


That actually could be the case. I don’t know if any other special makes such a distinction.

This also sound plausible, perhaps the devs could clarify further on this

@DrB, that’s a good point also, particularly because the status effect stolen by Hatter keeps the remaining duration from the stolen effect, it doesn’t refresh it to a new timer.

Heh, there are times when I purposely trigger Aegir again before triggering Hatter to steal a full-duration buff from the enemy team. :wink:

Good gaming!

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Some other interesting interaction. Are these buffs really not new for Hatter’s allies tho? I could imagine Hatter steal them but don’t apply on allies then.

Well, SG should clarify this I guess.


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