Hatter Emblem Path

Ready to emblem Hatter for my war team and raids. Do I go attack or def on emblems. Is it key that he stays alive to fire special or take advantage of his nice 400 hit?

I would follow the attack path.

I was wondering the same when I maxed him and o think that the defense path is better, as he isn’t supposed to be a killer but a buffs stealer.
However, the cleric emblem path is one of the paths which tends to attack, unlike others.

Ah thanks all. Both good points, doesn’t help me but I guess he falls into that hero category :blush:

I hate going balanced path… boring :wink:

It’s hard to boost one aspect of the clerics. Just take a look:



What do you think @D_DI?

Amazing Silencio!! That makes sense.

I’d go with attack (+defence whenever attack is not an option).

Total attack. I wouldn’t imagine you’ll have him on defense.

Cheers, fun hero!!

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