Hatmakers special not working on Tyr

Yesterday I had an issue where I fired Hatmakers special on Tyr when his special was active. It killed Tyr but did not cast his active special to any of my allies and instead Tyr could use it on himself after he was killed, bringing him Back. I might be mistaken but I remember Hatmaker stealing it from him. I’m not sure if It killed Tyr with it those times, but it felt unfair that Tyr was able to come back and it wasn’t cast to my team.

That stealing happens after hit, so if that hero dies there are nothing to be stealen.

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I’m not staff or a QA person for SG but I expect that this is “working as intended” due to the order of effects.

Because The Hatter’s effect is written as 1) deals damage and 2) steals dispellable buffs.

Due to this, if the first part executes and kills the enemy Tyr it will immediately then trigger his revive.

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But if it doesn’t kill Tyr, Hatmaker will steal it, so why not when he’s killed? I mean Hatmaker just does that, but like this he doesn’t, that don’t add up.

Special skill effects work in the order they are listed on the card. The effect takes place before the next one on the list, not simultaneously.

The most clear example is with dispel and riposte.

Caedmon does damage, then dispels.
Kageburado dispels, then does damage.

So if they attack a hero with a riposte in effect, Caedmon will hit the riposte, take damage to himself, then inflict damage to the enemy and then the riposte is dispelled.

Kageburado will dispel the riposte first as this is the first effect on his card, then inflict damage to the enemy, meaning he doesn’t get damaged himself.

In the case of Tyr, as soon as he is killed, his resurrection activates and is used, before the Hatter’s next effect.

It’s how the game has always worked, it’s just more obvious with these more complex heroes and interactions.


So what you are saying is because hatter kills Tyr, then tyrs special brings him back, so therefor is used and there is nothing for hatter to steal. Ok that makes sense

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By the way, I won anyway. :+1::grin:

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That is not the case, hatter always steals no matter if the target dies or not. That is what is strange about this. I would think hatter would kill Tyr and steal tyrs special and cast it to the ally side and Tyr dies. I have not yet tested it on atomos because they do the same thing. But he’s not that useful lately because most of the new heroes like telluria and vela do damage, so dispellers are needed, and hatter doesn’t do that.

Ain’t tyr a fighter aswell could of revived if he has emblems on him.

+1 that would be a really nice buff for Hatter though if they allowed him to steal the effects first (i.e. counterattack) and then hit them


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