Hata bildirimi

I used a summon token yesterday and I got the Kingston as a bonus draw. I saw it in the summon list. But I can’t see Kingston in my heroes. So could you please check the logs and give me my Kingston please.

Have you checked your Recent Activity log? You can find that under Options —> Support —> Recent Activity. That should show if you received him and if he was accidentally fed to another hero :unamused:

Take a screenshot of your log and post it here. Make sure to include the pull where you received him and anything after that. It should look something like this:


Interesting how you named the thread in Turkish and you post in English. :slightly_smiling_face: I rushed here to help, because I know Turkish as well as I know English. It seems you’ve got your answer, the best answer. And kardesim, you should choose @LadySuzanne answer as the solution.

P.S. If you have the proof you got the hotm, enter the same support tab and open a ticket (submitting a request on the page will open).

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