Has the rising of defense uber heroes affected your raiding style?

The last few month, 6 or so, saw the rising of a new top defense line, with heroes like Krampus, Bera, Freya, Cobalt, Garnet, Onix, Elizabeth, Friggodin, c.Kadilen and a few other. Next to older heroes, these fellows are godlike. Not much you can do against them unless you also own the latest available stars.
This new defensive meta, mixed with the formations global beta, made me turn my raiding patterns 180 degrees around. Before the new age defense rised, I was raiding almost exclusively mono against the tahk, with a high success rate against that time’s top defenders. The new defense heroes and latter the introduction of formations made my mono attack teams become almost entirely dependent on the starting boards, which is synonimous with loosing 90% of the time. So I had to improvise. After some period of trial and error, I came up with this formula, slightly depending on the enemy team.

Joon/Marjana/Sartana for left wing;

c.Rigard, for left flank;

Mitsuko/Vela, for center;

Kageburado, for right flank;

Malosi, for right wing.

Of course, all being +18 and up.

I now use this formation to raid all enemies, with Joon and Mitsuko as main post holders, 90% of the time.
I gave up serious mono fire power and special skill simultaneous charging for speed, damage reflexion, dispelling and, most important, enemy special skill blocking. Stil, succesful attack rate on top defenses is definitely not as high as it used to be before the new generation of defense heroes took over. But, for teams with none or few of the above said top defense heroes, succes rate has sky rocketed, close to 100%. I no longer fear the likes of Mother North, Alby, Telluria, Grave, Kunchen, Finley and co.

How did the new generation of defense teams affected your raiding?


It’s a crazy game still don’t understand it yet but I reached the top global raid with malosi, vivica, siff, ureaus, wu.

Also even been successful with those top team only using just vivica siff and ureaus. Those 3 fired up are a brick wall. Siff alone is like hav 3 hero’s. I love mixing it up testing different players but buy far that yellow mono get me to the top every time.

Sif for those heavy hitters vivica to clean all stats effect and also defence up

I just rarely bother raiding any more. It’s pretty tedious and repetitive in high diamond now

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It’s not really that repetitive though. Since all of the “big ticket” heroes are not HOTM now you don’t get the same defence over and over anymore. I’m raiding 2600+ most days and it’s a pretty varied world. Sure none of them are easy pickings by any stretch but it’s nice to see a blend of all the top heroes now. Makes for interesting challenges getting the teams right to beat each one anyways.

Well, to me it does anyways.


I’m more picky about my opponents, but at least I have enough food. And I still fight mono, but no longer always against the tank, but for example against the most dangerous hero or something like that. It depends.


I don’t stress over raids neither play them after the chest is filled.

The boards usually decides everything so it’s just another gamble most of the times.

I like seeing special animations and effects from heroes I don’t own too.

i find verity fun.
after the last buff i saw more S1 buffed heros.

it will be even more diverse when more older heros get buffed :heart_eyes:

I am a CTP player, so I have very few non season 1 heroes. I have always been unable to defeat the top teams with mono color teams. I have chosen to take the long game, with heroes that heal themselves and simply outlast the opponent. I pulled Evelyn, and Tarlak in the same season 2 10 pull and managed Onatel the next month. Them, plus Vivica and Isarnia has been my bedrock team for years now. Been all the way to top 30 in the world before. Mana, manipulation, hots from nearly everyone, attack boost and defense drops. Just use the tiles to beat people up.

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Hasn’t. I’ve always tailored my raid teams to the defense tank. The only constant is Malosi. Otherwise it’s always been 3 against the tank and 1 healer (usually Rigard, but sometimes Melandor if Frigg is around). I’ve never run a generic raid team.

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Red tanks I go mono blue with Krampus, nine 9 to charge and he eats up all of the specials from frigg, odin, etc. Bera and Freya tanks I do 3-2 dark/holy with Grimble.

During Telluria’s reign of chaos i was able to reach top 8 global “being f2p with shallow roster

Since the ninjas release followed by Frigg and Odin i can barely get above the 2650 cups threshold.
And now we have S4 heroes espicillay Elizabeth, as I lack summoners it’s very difficult to fight her, using 2 healers is also not wise, it causes your dmg output to drop down… lately the idea of quitting is hitting my mind more often…

I’ve been raiding 3+2 for years. 3 against a tank and 2 against one of flanks. As a c2p I use most of s1 heroes: cRigard, Domitia, Elena, Isarnia, Kirill, Marjana, Azlar, Liana, Kadilen, Joon, Vivica participate in every raid in various combinations.



Yeah. The GTV meta is indeed gone. In it’s place are ninja, S3, S4 and new event heroes. But my preferring attack is still mono, highly doubting to make any changes, even if the war or raid is modified, to include very fast ones. Here’s my monoteams:

Here’s my raid record:


Not as high as the veterans here. But i still try opening raid chests at least 3x a day, usually getting to the top 100 leaderboards before losing hundreds of cups when i woke up in the morning.


I still raid mono and use all my flags. I just reroll any annoying one haha

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Primarily my ham balance. Diamond level teams murder me for very few cups all the time; like seriously, they have a 4650 defense and I can put up a 3900 pt mono attack maybe? You, you know who you are, you are LOSERS

I just raid for fun these days. Trying random stuff, self-imposed challenges…

Case in point:

Who even needs 5*s?

Pretty sure this wouldn’t have gone as well against prime GTV.

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Mono for raids is gambling. I’m so glad that raid formations and new heros are making mono less successful so people can become more creative than the old punch a hole in the tank and ghost strategy.

Oh? So it is not a legitimate and effective attack strategy then since you claim it is just mere gambling. LOL.

They also say mono is not effective in very fast wars and raid tourneys and in some alternative defense formation. You and them just don’t understand it. And it is pretty understandable. Mono is not for everyone. It’s not enough just to put in 5 heroes of the same element together and hope for good boards. Synergies and smarts are required. Either you are adept on solving puzzles or not.


I have been exclusively mono and I have tried to shift completely to rainbow, so I can understand both arguments to some extent.

I don’t agree with those that think mono is less strategic, requires less skill and is entirely dependent on the boards and on steamrolling the tank and ghosting.

On the flip side I do think that the fewer colors you use the greater the element of gamble/risk you introduce into your play.

I have settled for a 4/1 amd 3/2 style of play for my wars based on heroes available in my roster. It is difficult to completely move away from stacking as some of the best synergies are in the same color - both in terms of compounding special effects, elemental links, and the speed of the specials. However I have faced a hopeless raid too many times to go with mono going forward - whilst it is effective a lot of the time it is supremely frustrating those other times. I do believe it has gotten more difficult to play mono because the fast & damaging flanks and wings allow less time to collect the tiles you need even if you have killed the tank and have the ghosting lane. So that, and my personal goals for war scores have pushed me away from mono.

There is two final aspect - I have a lot of minion counters (3 Grimbles (2 maxed), 1 Skadi, Noor), and my strategies often rely on the tank staying alive as long as possible so I can tile dump and also utilise the benefits of those minions. Then there is the fact that the “strongest” tanks around at the moment have that super annoying mana cut on death, which I try to avoid as much as I can until I am ready for it. Mono especially in the strong color will often result in the death of the tank and then potentially a loss if tiles don’t come faster than the fanks and wings.

In direct answer to the OP question the changes in defense have led me to move away from mono and a total dependence on one color tile, and to adapt to strategies which take advantage of opposing tank specials rather than trying to kill them outright

I do a lot of passing. Auto passes for me usually entail teams that have Frigg, Krampus or Lady of the Lake. Those are the only three I can’t stand playing against. I usually raid with a 3/2 set up. I hate going 4/1 or mono because of board RNG. It’s too frustrating for me personally.

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