Has the new reality of the game made us more worried than excited for a great pull?

My reasonable side wants to agree.

But it just feels so different now.

I used to be relevant.

I haven’t changed much other then a bit of my playing time but that was after I felt the weight of the game changing.

In a way I can see why that could be neat not seeing the same defenses…

How ever. We don’t see that anymore because the hero pool is diluted beyond belief and they require 5* troops now.


Guin was something else — especially before her nerf. But you’re right, that paled next to Telly. Ugh, it brings back memories of trying to time Grazul just right, with that much-too-short two turns of immunity, and trying to trigger Telly to go off during it just to have a chance at winning. That was awful.

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“[quote=“StillVictor, post:54, topic:351423”]
Regardless of whatever problem you have with the game, you shouldn’t be saying these things.

Uh, no, Victor. If people have spent money on this game, they have a right to vent if they feel screwed over.
If they have a problem with the game, they don’t have to keep it inside.
I reread this thread- maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see anything wrong- maybe a post got edited before I read it.

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You did. It’s still there. As of your writing this.

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Just to understand better, what does this mean for you?

Yes…the meta changes so fast now and there are so many op heros that defenses are a littel more variable although at the moment I think that cDio is quite dominating. :slight_smile:

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Let’s see, I have exactly zero 5* heroes of the families

  • Secret/Insanity/Fhtagn or Slime
  • Construct
  • Owl
  • Opera
  • Astral Elf
  • Champion
  • Super Elemental
  • Musketeer
  • Gargoyle (even the old ones, much less the new plushie Softskin monsters)
  • Goblin/Garrison (not even a 4*)
  • even Season 5

What is this “summoning gratification” of which you speak?

I’m guessing if I ever actually do summon some brand new release other than a HotM again — ever — and then it does get nerfed into the ground with multiple atomic-powered nerfhammers fueled by a hatred surpassing even that directed at Vela back in the day…

…that that hero will still eat the faces of pretty much everything on my roster that isn’t a maxed-out Toon.


The post I replied to has since been deleted. He regularly posts threats to the devs and wishes that they and their family suffer tragedy. I don’t usually reply but this time I saw it when he posted and it really rubbed me the wrong way.

I am with you that everyone is allowed to vent, just not like that.


Biggest team I can field

War opponents


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Virtual world provided by games can be interpreted as a world where people are free to escape reality and embody different behaviors from real life, in whichever way they desire.

Because of the game’s constant nerfs and balancing adjustments, some players are less thrilled to get new, strong characters and more anxious. Many are reluctant to spend a lot of money on new hero pulls because they believe the game’s emphasis on releasing strong characters rapidly renders them outdated. Since nerfs are an essential component of game balance, some players don’t worry too much about them, but others don’t care all that much either. The general consensus is that a large percentage of players no longer find as much joy in summoning new heroes.

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I pulled Nogu last night before legends closed, am extremely happy with him, and will level for sure. As far as nerfs, buffs, power creep goes, just make it consistent. Give everyone a shot at beating everyone again, agree with an earlier point about the top teams, there is very little diversity in those teams, and that’s a bit sad.

Oh, and release some tomes ffs, what’s the point in pulling good heroes if you don’t give up the materials to level them?

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Grats for being in an alliance that’s getting to tackle some relatively strong war opponents.

Has this has happened with your fellow alliance members going PtW? If so, while I believe the rewards can be good, it can be an effort to keep logging on to target weak/ened opponents. When I was a relatively weak player in an alliance that’s what I needed to do, and other alliance members considered it “relevant”. Back then my awar defence gave opponents a small proportion of alliance points, and yet, with suitable targeting, there were still chances to haul plenty of points back.

If you need more than this to feel relevant then it could be worth seeking a different alliance.

Can you effectively source druid and fighter emblems for your Starwalker and Killhare?

Good luck with pulls, perhaps to get toons… Even though some of my alliance members are moderate spenders, with my decent pulls and investment my (non-rush) defence team is now the strongest in my alliance.

Sometimes things can work out.


On the title question: “Has the new reality of the game made us more worried than excited for a great pull?

We have a clear context in which, over time, people may have become both be more worried and less excited than they used to be, but people still have less negative feelings about pulls than positive, or we would never try to gain credits for pulls or use them to make them.


I left the game with the release of the new “improved” PoG and PoV and did not log in since then. But one of the decisions that lead me to this was also the nerfs to Pophit and Starwalker. As a C2P it’s almost like winning the lottery to get both heroes with a very limited number of pulls and I had tons of materials available to use on both including the ascension materials, golden emblems & aether crystals that I was holding on to. If you pay PoG and PoV on a regular basis you end up having more materials than the “worthy” heroes.

So I went berserk and LB2 both with 25 emblems. Then… Both were nerfed, all the golden emblems (OK I also have reset tokens but why bother for a scenario that will eventually repeat) ascension materials, aethers, LB crystals are now… simply worthless.

I know the game says that all the “property” belongs to SGG so why stick around.

I love hanging on the forum though.

Have good luck everyone



my strongest hero so far, hasnt been nerf, actually she received buffs on the last updates, and that is C.Hel, always useful,

i do have starwalker but even before the nerf i cant find use for him as him and morel doesnt kill targets, I was happy to have him but now i dont use him at all.

I dont really chase hero,
the last lucky pull I got was the green slow garrison hero, which I think is not OP so i believe hes safe from the nerf hammer,

but I feel you, chasing an OP hero ang getting them is not fun at all because we know that at some point in time they will be outdated or nerf,

the first person came to my mind is @Ship, she was aprehensive of limit breaking a hero because of the recent nerfs


Hey your biggest team is 100-200 TP bigger than my biggest team. :+1:
I have only 1 5* LB2 hero.

War situation…I can only make assumptions but I see a certain similarity to my situation.

I have one of the weakest defenses in my ally but that does not necessaryly mean that it is a push over. :slight_smile:

We have one member with an over 7k super duper defense team.

So our opponents tend to be waaaay out of my league.
Thank good for rush wars since some luck coupled with good mono teams allows me to hit approximately 1.5k TP up with the goal to at least kill the tank.
This time I got lucky and had 3 one shots! :+1: :heart_eyes: :tada: cleaned up once behind myself and cleaned another.

I am usually in the top half of our little war band which gives me the illusion to be still somewhat relevant. :rofl:

Of course ther are also bad days! :sob: But less than I would have expected with going mono.

Wish you best of luck in rl and still some fun with E&P. :+1:


Yes, in general yes it is a concern. But we must not get too attached to a hero, sooner or later it wil come a new one and surpass him. I got the trio telly vela grave, i kept in top 100 c9onstantly, heck i ecem stayed in a top 10 allyance, once i stayed at top1 for awile. The nerf bat came, i was so annoyed that i reseted both telly, vela and gave them to soul exchange. And the newcomer azmia and ferrent sufferd Nerfs too. I stoped play this game for 1.5 years, now in 2024 i suffer against almost every adv. Got a few free lucky pulls, but no goblins or starwalkers. And infeel that if i dont have them i dont have any chance at all to win

And to end what i told, the most annoying situation is the nerfs for 4* Heroes. Theyre good, theyre usable in wars and atacks, Titans, overall, and they nerf them, just to release a new over power Heroes thats just dont make sense. The 5* nerfs/ adjustments are indeed necessary but they dont do it to all overpower, and release more overpower each month, why? Dont no. Give back the nerfs and leave telly alone. Ho i dont have her anymore

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Encouraging, thank you.

I’m just bummed about it. I miss my old game.

Got cinnamon that should help my blue team but my emblems are all for the wrong heros.

I mostly get sorc emblems. And scopes. (ONLY)