Has the map stage battle music changed in V47? Or is it a bug?

I don’t remember for sure, but before V47, the battle music on the map stage seemed to be the same as the raid battle, but now it seems to be the same battle music as the challenge event.
Is this a normal change?
Specifically, it is S1: Province 7 Stage 4.


It has definitely changed with installation of S47 for me and it’s valid for S1:Province 8-7 as well. Seems like bug to me, but we’ll see what will be official statement about this.


I usually play the game without sound.
But now I have tried your S1 7/4 and 8/7, and I do not hear any new music what I have not heard earlier on Version 47.

But we can ask @Petri whether there is any change or not.


Thanks. Now as I am doing Valhalla I see the music has changed there as well (S3:8/10, but I assume it applies to the whole Valhalla).

While playing the Season 1 map stage today, I noticed that it had been fixed to the previous battle music.
Apparently it was a bug and has been fixed in secret.
Therefore, I am closing this case.


I’ve had 3 or 4 bugs I’ve reported or helped in the thread that never were aknowledged by staff as a bug or anything, but were fixed in updates. I’m not sure why some get responses from staff, and some don’t, but it seems to me that they do read and investigate anything that isn’t explained by user error or misunderstanding.

Glad to hear it got resolved!

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