Has the emblems replaces non farmable ascension mats or what

Right?! When you’ve got heroes stacked up and no mats, it really, really sucks. I know some people certainly broke their dry spell in a big way:

I hope they start dropping in quantity for you soon!

Ummmm… I usually dont get a 4* mat in my elemental chests. Count your blessings.


Emblems have different slots than mats, like Atlantis coins. You’ll always have two designated slots for mats in elementals, one for emblems, and one for Atlantis coins. In loot tier IX, you’ll always have three rolls for mats. With rare titans and loot tier IX, you should have three slots for mats and one slot for emblems. Therefore, emblems should not affect your drop rates with mats, since they have separate slot rolls.

Although, I’m right there with you. Haven’t seen a 4* mat in a long time, and the 3* have pretty much dried up for me as well. Horrible pulls lately too. Been having a rough couple of months with RNG (but it’s bound to get better soon, right? :wink:)


Dry spell ended with mistic tonic from titan loot. I hope it falls back to norm since i have a ton of heros needing mats


Congrats on the Tonic, and may the RNG be ever in your favor!

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I gotta ask what rng is. I keep seeing it and cant figure it out

Random Number Generator. It’s the underlying component of all random elements in the game, like loot drops, Summons, damage variability, etc.


Random numerated gaming?

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Lol that pretty much would work too :smile:

Think about it like a die that the computer rolls to decide what happens next.

This just in from A rare tiran just now.

Now I am not saying it has changed but as this has been more common than not across our allience you can understand why the question is asked.

Maybe it is just pure unlucky and if so then I hope our luck changes soon because receiving only 4 rings, 5 trap tools etc in 8 months of playing is really really getting honestly boring and the zest for doing summons to get more 5* has totally gone knowing that based on what I have collected in the ladt 8 months ant that rate continuing it would 3 years before i can max out the 9 5* I already have which are there doing nothing and nit the only one in my allience like it.

The incentives for both playing and spending are quickly diminishing.


lol that loot is fine for a 7* titan… I usually don’t get anything that useful (3 atlantis coins, 5 emblems, nugget) from 12*s.
you guys love to complain, just play the game if you don’t like it then don’t!

We will complain. The game dosent work to an acceptable level and therfore players are dropping like flies. Sure new people are signing up daily but once they get to a point of knowing they will never enjoy the game long enough to max out the characters that gave them goosebumps when the aquired them they quit. Ive witnesses several quit in the last few weeks and the devs dont care because their getting paid. So those of you that dislike our complaints can keep being their puppets while therest of us complain. Everyone is happy.

Edit Im not

says the person flagging my posts…
the bottom line is, I like the game so I play it… you don’t seem to like it and you still play it and also go in here to complain.
How have they botched the elemental chest?
What is wrong with a 100 gem challenge?? That is $0.50 cents worth of gems if bought during an event.
If you have something to back up your complaining it would help me understand.

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Are you just looking to vent about not getting the Ascension Materials that you’re hoping for, or are you wanting to petition the devs to up the drop rate on the non-farmable AM?

Please don’t call out other players or debate flagging decisions. The mods review and approve flags. If you have an issue, take it up with them.

Im not flagging nor venting. Im a grown man and dont think nothing said on a community forum could ever possibly offend me. And if it did i wouldnt be coward enough to flag it. Facts are facts and the fact is that the only AM i get is from the challenge events. I havent gotten a single one from a chest since the recent barrage of updates which seem to make it worse and worse every time one rolls out. The devs arent blind to this since they are the ones slowly but surely make this a pay to play game. Some ppl will never see that because they pay to play and will never know the struggle of not being able to spend 100 bucks every time the gem store has an ascension chest. With being said i do feel the devs need to stop putting mud in the waters and give the drop rate of ascension materials an increase. Or perhaps increase the the rate of challange evwnts. It shouldnt take 5 months to get a 5* to 4th ascension. I would have never said this but since you ask that is my stand on the matter. They have ruined the game. PERIOD

I’d encourage you to stop making claims that you can’t possibly know to be true.

–That you have or haven’t gotten non-farmable AM in a chest is something you know for certain.

–Whether the overall drop rate of non-farmable AM has changed is something you just don’t have the data to know.

The drop rates on 3* and 4* AM are so low that it would take hundreds of chests to have any kind of real confidence about that. There’s no dataset right now big enough to say one way or the other for certain.

But why would it matter if the rates changed? Your core issue is that you’re unhappy with how quickly you’re getting AM.

Even if I showed you data proving that the drop rates haven’t changed and you’d still be unhappy, right?

The forum rules say to please be respectful of others. Continuing the back and forth like this is just going to get the thread locked. I’d encourage you to take a break before continuing this debate.

Lots of people are unhappy at the idea of pay-content, including me, but that debate belongs in a different thread.

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