Has the emblems replaces non farmable ascension mats or what

Since the update I haven’t gotten a single non farmable ascension material. I was getting one at least once a day or every other day and the description says they were added to rare titan loot but we’re they added a a replacement or what


Well first off, that’s amazing. I don’t get unfarmable ascension mats anywhere near that frequently.

No, they’re definitely in addition, judging by my rare Titan loot from yesterday:


I got a blue chest a couple of days ago, NOT A SINGLE 4* star material in it (I thought it was guaranteed :man_facepalming:). 3 chainmail shirts and tall boots, and 30 emblems.
As I said in another thread, I don’t like these changes in drops.


My 9* unicorn gave me trap tools and 10 emblems. No 4* mat.

I’ve gotten those before the update, and I’ve definitely seen complaints about that before. My loot honestly looks about the same, except for the occasional emblem now.


For instance, from April of last year:

Well I think it was just bad luck then.
Don’t get me wrong, emblems are welcomed. But AM is what we all really want from these (not usual) chests. What to do with emblems if we got no maxed heroes? :sweat_smile:

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Right?! I’m 100% with you in needing those AM a lot more desperately than I need emblems right now :grin:

I can just say that I did not get any 4* AMs but 3* only.
Don’t know if this has something to do with the new emplems as 4* AMs were rare at any time.

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It happens to all of us from time to time. If you’ve never gotten a bad elemental chest before now, count yourself lucky :slight_smile:

You must be extremely lucky… I’m happy if I get one non farmable a week… You must be killing high level titans every day…


7 or 8 star titans. Not super high. But between the titans monster chest and war i was getting AM pretty regularly. Im sure the devs will say its just bad luck or whatever but i dont beleive that since ive talked to several ppl who are noticing they only get emblems now. Ive even noticed a drop in sword and backpack numbers. The new update sucks

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Here’s my non-farmable drops since the update. I formed a new alliance with some friends, so we’ve been fighting weak titains for the past few weeks too. I really don’t see that the rates have changed much…


Last two monster chests were a set of gloves in first followed by a compass. Both had emblems…a couple.

Must be nice. Meanwhile im high and dry

That’s definitely not fun when it happens. We’ve all gone through AM dry spells. My point wasn’t to brag, but to show you that I was still getting loot drops at the normal rate.

You said:

You can see I’m not just getting emblems now. And essentially everyone I’ve talked to who records their loot is saying no detectable changes since the update. So it genuinely does look like you’re just having bad luck.


Emblems are fine in loot drops. I still gain the same small % awesome loot drops as always.

Watch your loot and you’ll see that the emblems drop at the end after the ascension mats. If emblems dropped rather than loot tickets and/or Atlantis coins I’d throw a keg party each time.

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Maybe it is just bad luck. Its still really frustrating. Hopefully when the dry spell is over the mats will rain down for weeks to make up for it

Right?! When you’ve got heroes stacked up and no mats, it really, really sucks. I know some people certainly broke their dry spell in a big way:

I hope they start dropping in quantity for you soon!

Ummmm… I usually dont get a 4* mat in my elemental chests. Count your blessings.


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