Has SG/Zynga REALLY listened to the feedback?

After the recent balance updates I was astounded to see how Esme has been reworked. Yes , the boosted health rather than immediate heal is nice but it wasn’t the issue with her. The biggest issue was the immunity to new fiends being conditional. A simple, no nonsense fix by just removing ‘if allies had fiends’ is all it wud take. Immunity for all allies regardless would make her a decent healer that wud be in the conversation rather than she still being a 2nd rate fiendslayer !! She’s a CoK hero !!! She shud be better than this !!! The boosted health is fine now but as we go on & heroes max. HP starts getting close to 2000 & that 650 boost will get lower & lower & what I mean by that is that a % heal is never fixed, it’s dependant on the health stats of the hero whereas boosted health is fixed & will never increase apart from troop, talent node, etc. So a hero gets 650 now & will still do in 5 years time but a % heal cud mean in 5 years that 10% heal used to do a 170 heal now it does 200 & keeps getting higher.


Please LISTEN to our feedback !! We know what needs fixing & what doesn’t !!!

One of the problems is if you ask 5 different players you may get 5 different opinions on what the best way to change hero xyz is.

I’m just happy we’ve had some buffs outside of costumes.


I don’t agree with this statement in the fact that it is basically saying new heroes in new portals have to be the best heroes…when a lot of F2P or more casual players without an abundance of resources to pull on every portal are seeking balance where more heroes are usable in all facets of the game.

Albeit, powercreep is real and natural in games of this nature so I understand the base point you’re trying to make.


What I meant is that how recently released heroes have been I think a recent buff shud reflect the current meta. To prove my point they release the current element links for the HotM’s with exactly the change that Esme needed. My point was rather that the feedback said her healing wasn’t the issue it was the conditional immunity which hasn’t been addressed hence I asked if they’ve listened !! Being a CoK hero point was also meant to say a HotM shouldn’t really do a job better than an event hero. I know everything equal it’d be right to do so but shud we really be looking at a HotM with envied, jealous eyes wishing Esme’s fiendslaying was more like that. Usually we receive a balance change & it’s a unanimous ‘yes, much needed & now the hero is as it was supposed to be in the 1st place’ but Esme’s issue is still there even after a balance change which is my main gripe !!

While I do agree that Esme really would be much better with an unconditional fiend protection, I disagree strongly with the above.

The golden age of E&P was back when HotM could compete on equal footing with event heroes.

As the heroes with the highest specific odds (1.3% on all portal summons except the daily summon), HotM are the most readily accessible non-S1 heroes. Making them consistently weaker (and often considerably so) than event heroes skews the game heavily in the favor of heavy spenders.

Having competitive HotM however, gives even moderate spenders a chance at powerful heroes that can keep up with the best the game has to offer.

Only a few years ago, the likes of Kunchen and Kingston were commonplace on top tier defenses. But if you look at today’s best defenses, the only HotM you really see is Alasie. However, since she appears only in costumed form, that doesn’t quite count since her costume is not available at the 1.3% odds of a HotM, but rather the same odds as an event hero through the Tavern of Legends portal.

2020 and 2021 were particularly bad years for HotM and many speculate that this was as a reaction to the Telluria/Vela debacle. However, even while 2022 is looking better, the HotM are still lagging considerably behind.

Just take a look at the current HotM, Tahir. He is certainly a useful hero, but is there any real reason his damage needs to be conditional? Dark Lord already exists with a 550% unconditional hit and stronger secondary skills. Zhang Fei also deals a higher 530% damage. This range appears to be the new normal, but HotM are only getting this level of damage conditionally. Even Arfanias who can match Dark Lord, requires an enemy to be at full mana for this to occur.

Or look at 2022’s shining gem in Kara. Compared to other taunt heroes like Black Knight and Krampus, her attack buff is lacking. +34% is considerably lower than their ~+50% or +45% berserk attack buffs. And it doesn’t even appmy to Kara.

And this does not appear to be letting up. When we have Quenell and El Naddaha breaking the 300% damage to 3 breakpoint at Fast speed, why does the upcoming Grace (September 2022 HotM) deal only 285% damage?

Yes, SG messed up and made the Telluria/Vela combo too strong for it’s time. However, HotM have been punished ever since and this is to the detriment of the game.

It is no coincidence that as HotM lag well behind their event counterparts, we have seen more complaints about how the game is skewing more towards pay-to-win or that we see more complaints about overpowered event heroes. HotM are a critical component of the game and if they cannot keep up, players without all the shiny new event heroes will struggle, become frustrated, and quit. This is not sustainable and it is necessary that HotM be improved to be on par with event heroes once again, for the sake of the game.


Don’t know why u disagree with the fact that HotM’s shouldn’t really do a job better than the equivalent event heroes ?? It goes against SG’s usual money-making formula !! It’s always been the case & is usually the reason a HotM gets nerfed cuz it was released too powerful compared to an event or season hero that does the same job . If you do push the button & take the opportunity to make a much needed balance change to a hero then make the change to the part of the hero that EVERYONE unanimously agrees is the issue. That’s my point behind this point. I’m not saying buff this guy, nerf that guy. I’m saying if u do make the change make it count !!! Fix what needed fixing otherwise what was the point of the balance change. Surely they read the posts or else how did they know we wanted a change to Esme but don’t just read who needs it, find out why & decide what the best way is to implement the change to address the original gripe regarding said hero. Your sentiment regarding HotM’s needing to be equal for the longevity of the game is a nice thought & is in fact true but really? Do u really believe SG will EVER take that stance ? I mean why wud they change now & suddenly start consistently making HotM’s equal with their big spending event brethren, too many start using them & they implement a nerf ! We’ve seen it happen way too often !! Yes, occasionally we get a decent HoTM who IS worth levelling but most of the time they are sub par compared to their event counterpart.

Not really. Many 2018-2019 HotM were very much competitive with event heroes and often seen on defenses.

Zeline was a top tier defender back in the day.

Alasie compared favorably to Alice who was even released after Alasie was.

Gravemaker was hugely relevant well into 2020 and was one of the best red heroes in the game.

Drake Fong was also seen on many top defenses.

Even Aegir was the top blue tank for a while.

Evelyn had an almost identical skill to Guardian Panther who was one of the mist desirable event heroes. And later Frida came along with a similar skill with more damage in exchange for speed.

Kunchen had his time as one of the best tanks in the game with only Ursena really rivaling him.

Seshat was another hero often seen on defenses and comparable to Kageburado.

Ranvir was exciting until Miki came along and claimed the top titan hero slot. A spot Miki still has with only Oceanus coming close to taking it.

And of course Kingston was one of the most common green heroes on defense until Telluria came along.


You haven’t presented a reason why they shouldn’t besides the fact that they’re a HoTM. Also, it’s not a fact, but simply your own opinion. By your logic, CoK heroes are nearly a year old now. Why shouldn’t a hero that’s nearly a year newer be just as useful regardless of the fact that they’re a HoTM?

While a bit more feasible to obtain for those who pull more frequently, they’re far from guaranteed. Especially for those that don’t pull as frequently as you do.

If you go back far enough u cud say Hel is the most powerful hero in the game!! Means very little in the current meta. My main point is the balance change to Esme did not address the reason she needed a change in the 1st place & given the opportunity to balance her they shud have done it properly which asks the question did they read why most of us requested the balance change to Esme ?


Looks like you were missing these so just helping out.