Has SG nerfed trophy ratios for Raids?!?

Since i updated my game version earlier today, I’ve made over 200 “random” raid selections in the Diamond tier. Almost all of the trophy ratios were +32/-29 or worse!

Raiding ‘the best defense teams money can buy’ is the ONLY reason I continue to play E&P. I’ve already climbed to #1 in the world and won’t bother to play if I need 100+ wins to do it again.

Say it ain’t so, SG! I want to know!

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Sample size of 10, I’m sitting at 2607 right now:
+36 / -25
+15 / -46
+38 / -23
+20 / -41
+42 / -19
+29 / -32
+33 / -28
+40 / -21
+37 / -24
+21 / -40

Looks OK to me.


In case you weren’t aware on how trophies are rewarded, here’s a post which has links to other posts.


Most of the time, I only raid +40/-21 trophies or higher. If SG nerfed this, I’m gone!

Then you have to re-roll a bit more, I guess…

I’m not looking for trophies, iron and ham are what I need and most of the time I gain a good amount of trophies with that, too…

Good plan, have a good life.


Did you notice that - if you are at the top or near the top - you CAN only get much more less trophies?!

The more trophies your enemies have (above you), the higher trophies you can get. If all are equal or below you, you can’t gain that high amount. Maybe that’s the problem?! But that has been the mechanics since a looong time, nothing nerfed then.


How many cups do you have?

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Everyone on each own. Hilarious, but what do I know?

P.S. Try the other SG game, Puzzle Combat, if E&P is annoying you (and if available for you). It is like 10 times better and more entertaining and it wasn’t yet released in all countries. Last time I’ve checked, we were 5000 players at most.

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Personally, I will consider 100+ wins to reach the top a better challenge than using a few flasks for the same feat…well different strokes for different folks…

There are no flasks ( or any other battle item) in raids

Raid energy flasks.

20 flasks…

There are, but not in shop, because the game is not released yet. That’s the reason the game doesn’t have any feature yet and minimum loots.

I don’t think you’re using your phone properly :thinking:


I think he replied to the wrong comment?

And I’m still waiting for an answer: what amount of trophies the OP has…

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but, what’s been nerfed this time?! Just asking, because all day long I’ve been hit by folks who took anywhere between 40 and 50 cups from me (when they could) and I also applied the same treatment to other lucky guys… So, come again please, what exactly has been nerfed this time?

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I have 2500 cups right now.

Yes, of course, after raiding your way to the top 100 (2600-2700 cup range), the number of teams with higher cup totals are fewer and +35/-26 is about the best you can hope for.

At 2500 cups, I’m ranked 46,767th in the world, & there are teams with 3000 cups waiting to be raided.

I know i know

It may very well be a bug

Just waiting to see if multiple players are experiencing it or if it’s just a bad luck thing for u

Other question, are you in an alliance?

In an alliance? Hell no! This is something that has occurred in the last 24 hours. I raid almost every day.

I’ll post my next several trophy ratios here in the next few minutes
+17/-44, +32/-29, +22/-39, +20/-41, +19/-42, +32/-29, +21/-40, +24/-37, +20/-41, +27/-34, +19/-42, +18/-43, +21/-40, +24/-37 :angry:

Are the people you’re being matched up with in an alliance?

Someone else not in an alliance earlier made a bug report about only getting matched up with other players not in an alliance which also had poor cup win/loss ratios per match, so probly a connection between the 2 and a bug that’s effecting multiple people if i had to guess