Has SG 100% nerfed color stacking?

Ok for the sake if end this round in a circle pointless discussion cusde I have haf just enough either not understanding a word I say or just plain as your are very clearly stuck to only 1 part of how an RNG works using math anagrams that I have never questioned and agree with 100% which I have said a dozen times and the repeatativeness of your continued persistance is truly boring me now.

So yes you are 100% correct and I am 100% wrong and thus have nothing esle to say on the matter and you guys can go on leading this forums members and believing that everyone else on the internet is wrong.

You have any idea how ? That sounds.

Over and out

I’m not quite convinced that a math anagram is completely random.

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100% nerfed.

Also— what a way to start a war…

Dumb boards not giving blue tiles. Sigh.


Oh oh oyeah… I forgot to mention… that was my 3rd war flag. I went like this:

1- Green Mono - Won in 4 turns
2- Yellow Mono - Won in 4 turns
3- Blue Mono - Won in 2 turns. (Obviously, with that board, you can see why)

It’s all RNG. And it was very very kind to me. I’ve also gone 100% mono on raids the past two days and won 11/12 raids each day.


Removed by owner due to a total misread of TP.
My bad guys and I am sorry.

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They have NOT nerfed color stacking.

Just killed a Kash tank team in war that was ~400 TP higher than the team I used, with field aid, using only 2 reds. Kash folded like a cheap suit. :laughing:

I’m usually a rainbow guy, but I think I’m going to color stack more often.

Lol at 4900 TP

20 tp…

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“1,400 TP difference”

Someone didn’t watch the video he posted…

Someone has level 99 troops to get 4* to 4900TP! I call hax!?!?

LOL 4900 was the number of raid tournament trophies. Not team power. Team power difference between the two teams was negligible at best. :roll_eyes:

WOW I totally don’t know how I mixed up cups and TP. Thanks for pointing that out.


4900 TP would have been insane. :open_mouth: I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.


Only recently seen a few 4300 TP.

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Yeah that’s around the highest I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know team power went above 4500 :open_mouth: (it probably doesn’t, but I could be wrong, what with emblems and level 99 troops and all)

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It would be really sensible (and easy to implement) to use some sort of sigmoidal curve for damage relative to increasing total attack power less defense.

There are a great many ways Small Giant might have chosen to implement the damage equation. Why, in particular, they chose the current method is a little unclear.

The closest I’ve ever heard to a formal opinion was this write-up by @Coppersky from the 2017 Ask Me Anything:

SG probably nerfed color stacking, but not in a straight forward way - nowdays RNG works in favour of strongest player (not strongest team on board). As from your previous post, its clear that you have very high team score and your opponent are pretty weak, so you got advantage from SG RNG. Same for usual raids, your team score most likely are in top 1%, so you almost always will be in right side :slight_smile:

Reason why its so is pretty simple - to get more money… nobody with OP 5* teams don’t like to be raided by 4* teams, its bad for business to disappoint paying players.

And I didn’t get to that conclusion from few posts, I have my own experience with more than 5k raid wins.

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How exactly are you observing who the “strongest player” is, if not from the teams on the board? After all, there’s no way to see the roster of an opponent unless they publish it…

I strongly disagree. RNG is not nerfed on stacking, and I choose to believe the developers.

The only reason I am able to survive (some) bad, mediocre boards is because I have built my teams up to be resilient. I still lose horribly on abysmal & (most) bad boards. It’s RNG. I deal.

I lost my first 3 in the raid tournament and haven’t lost since. Skill, team composition and the understanding that the RNG is as the developers stated.

I can also defeat ANY top tier team with a team of 4* (not even emblemed up).
RNG isn’t nerfed.

I know I am going to kop some slack here by saying this but I will say it again anyway and like it’s been said since everyone one here including the one’s that do all the math calculations for averages are ALL only guessing that they think hey know how it works within the actual written formula there is nothing what so ever to disprove that the actual coded script isn’t somewhat coded using maniplulated variables based on the heroes used and like we keep hearing the beta guys say,( we know nothing other than what is put in front of us and we can only guess, hope and presume the rest thus being no different with whether colour stacking or even tiles presented at anytime are manipulated or controlled in some form or some extent by the heroes used at that time and the ONLY and I do mean the ONLY ones who can disprove that fact are the developers themselves.

I am one that has done 100 videos on raid colour stacking and I get and understand all the comments that boil down to “well it all averages out in the end” whether that end be after 100, 1000 or 10,000 tests to get an honest answer who knows as these tests are carried out until they do average out. So I don’t to here from all of those to dispute my following comment with the old replies or do I even need to degraded as a person for saying this because just like you my (and everyone elses) guesses and presumptions can be just as valid as yours when it comes to how the actual codes are setup to work in the background, so unless your a actual SG developer responding please don’t bother as I heard it all before.

So having said the above I will place my comment below as to the reason for placing this post.

This is about the titans and colour stacking, I mostly use mono or 4/1 with the odd 3/2 now and then. Now without making a whole heap of videos again on this you will just have to take my word that I am saying here is fact based on my own experiences at hitting the titans and all of these comments are enhanced by the experiences of others in my own alliance.

Although there are the ODD decent board and by odd I mean 1 in 10 or so that provides the needed colours I cannot help but keep presuming that colour stacking is somewhat not maniplulated in the codes background to some extent, WHY?

It doesn’t matter how many variables you calculate or how you calculate them but it does explain why in most cases (not all) the chosen stacked colour when using mono or 4/1 doesn’t appear and if it does they are scattered and don’t make usable sets.

It doesn’t explain why you can get a 10 plus combo of over 100 to 150 plus tiles within that combo of every other colour without a single chosen colour tile included in that combo thus filling the titans mana to shoot you again. And I also mean that in some cases every chosen stacked colour tile within the panel was totally untouched during the process of this combo, hmmmm.

It doesn’t explain that no matter which stacked colour you choose, that’s ALWAYS the tiles that are lacking most times and I have tested that using different stacked colours on the same (one) titan, it didn’t matter which stacked colour team was used it was always the lacking colour.

Now my above comments are not based on damm that happened to me yesterday but instead on months and months of paying very close attention and testing different colours on same titans and by now having tried it in on many titans as I never miss one.

So YES my presumptions based on my tests do lead me to beleave that although the RNG it’s self MAY NOT (again those that say it isn’t are also only presuming) be maniplulated I have come to the conclusion that the colours are manipulated based on the heroes used at that time which is also no different to the manipulation of which hero the titan shots or kills when it does.

NOTE! Maniplulated here means the coding in the background which based on what has been stated by many, NO ONE on here knows anything about thus every single comment is nothing more than guesses and presumptions as will be those trying to deny my comments. Remember this is a computer program and NO computer program works on it’s own without human intervention from professional coders decidng what it can and can’t do no matter what site it’s on or what’s it’s designed/ programmed to do including an RNG for that matter and it’s results which are based on percentages within the given coding of the product that RNG is delivering at that time.

To SG ( if you ever get to read this) I’d like to say this is NOT a complaint or whinging or what ever others choose to call it but instead a personal observation which I am sharing here based on both experiences of played titans and comments of the same thing happening to others in my alliance after many months of doing colour stacking within my 1 year of playing this game. Note I am not saying it is wrong nor am I saying it is unfair as that is the way game is coded and played thus making it what it is today.

They could be totally false (I am going to lmao any anyone who dares quote that comment,lmao), they could be partially correct or totally and I know for a FACT that only you and your developers really know the truth on this and so it should be. If I where coding something like this I wouldn’t be telling everyone exactly how it’s done either so keep up the great work as I do enjoy this game and actually do spend to much of my free time on it, oops, don’t tell anyone!.


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