Has SG 100% nerfed color stacking?

I know they won’t admit it but there is no way they have not changed what tiles you get based on your colors.
I’ve been playing for a year and it is getting so bad it makes me want to quit.
Today I went 1/6 in diamond raids because I never got any color tiles that I stacked. I’m noticing it more and more and so are my alliance members.
I had a raid earlier where I got 3 yellow diamonds in 5 turns. You can guess how many yellow hero’s I had.
I don’t know if they are trying to discourage people from using 4* hero’s or what but it’s just getting silly.
Yes I’m salty.
Don’t give me that confirmation bias BS. I was never one to complain but it is seriously getting worse and worse.
It’s like they want you to use a rainbow team for some reason.


Welcome to the board.

Groundhog day? :wink:
Anyone will complain about this every day.

It is random and there are winning and loosing streaks in result.

Just a few days ago and doesn’t seem to be nerfed anyhow:

No victory without defeat and vice versa. That’s life…


Did you go mono?

@Garanwyn wanna help out this pissed off guy? I dont think he’s looking for answers since he seems to have it all figured out, but feel free to give it a shot


Literally just did this raid to try and help prove your point, but the system was too smart for me…


Think you and tim are in cohoots


Here’s 4 raids in a row of me taking on GM tanks with a 3/2 color stack of blue/purple. I did them because there was some debate about how tough GM is, but the boards were so good that they really didn’t seem useful to the purpose.

It’s only on the 4th raid that GM even lives to fire once.

To anyone who watches, yes not firing Kiril first in #2 was a boneheaded move. I got distracted :slightly_smiling_face:


Were you being mean in chat or something? Maybe SG flagged your account to get bad boards as payback or something?




Because you left the QoH behind.

Happy cake-day! :grin:


I use 3-2 teams in AW. Last war two of my battles were:

First - used a strong team against one of top opponents. Got 7 gems total of my two colours, scattered with no hope of matching. Three moves later I had 7 gems and no closer to matching. At that point the opponent was pretty much charged. Needless to say I lost.

Sixth - used what I had left and decided to attack strongest opponent to weaken him for someone else to finish. 1000 TP difference in teams. I one-shot him. Got a diamond in my 3-stack right off and took out the tank first move because replacement gems gave me another match 3.




They nerfed his boards to buff mine, since RNGsus was on my side :wink:


Fun to watch, but glad you sped up the video…:wink::wink:

@Coopaloop64 You win some, you lose some… Had a week where my boards were so bad, I was hitting 9* titans for between 9-12k and losing 11 out of 12 raids. Week later, I’m back to 40-60k hits on titans, and 6/6 raids. RNG is what it is… R-A-N-D-O-M

IF SG do decide to manipulate the boards to favour rainbow, I’ll still be stacking colours and come onto the forums to watch players moan and call for nerfs on emblemed OP tanks…:wink:


Yep, definitely nerfed…


These topics are getting old. See you in the next: “I did 10 pulls and did not get a 5*” thread.


For me it doesn’t feel like they nerfed anything.
I also have very bad days, and yes Ive lost 6 raid attacks in a row. Then I get 12 wins. One war I get 150 points, the next 250.
It is RANDOM. I usually go 3/2 or 4/1. Not big fan of mono, because of its randomness.
The boards feel like as usual - random, random, random.
You just had a bad day and decided to come and complain on the forums.


This is funny, because your whole post is confirmation bias par excellence.


The last yellow hero more powerful than Bane I drew was over 4 months ago. No sympathy from me!

How come @Coopaloop64 posts and others show videos at the drop of a hat? I call shenanigans.

Truly, it’s a conspiracy :laughing:

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my videos were uploaded to YouTube a couple of days ago. Like I said, I’d recorded them because they were relevant to the “GM needs a counter” thread. But since the boards were so good, I figured everyone would consider the runs pretty irrelevant (except possibly for video 4).

It turns out, though, that they make a excellent demonstration of the lack of any nerf to color stacking.


it is all confirmation bias. when the board co-operates, you treat it as a given and move on. when it doesnt, you get your panties in a bunch and come to the forum to whine.
here is a little crude math for you (which you will probably ignore) - you want ONE color to be good, out of 5, so on average right off the bat chances are about 1 in a 5 you get a good board (yeah, there are cases that 2 or even 3 colors have a match in front of the tank, but there are chances that none are). that is 1 in 5. besides, so many raids started for me with no favorable match (I do double stack against tank color, but that is it), but after 2-3 matches I got what I needed and still managed to kill the tank without him firing off his special.