Has Seshat Doomed Thoth-Amun?

Yes. There is already a topic in Ideas & Feature Requests. But I think it deserves more visibility in the General. And don’t forget to vote !

Since Seshat, investing AM in Thoth-Amun is a complete waste.
This thread speaks by itself and one name appears repeatedly.

@Garanwyn summed up pretty well Thoth Amun situation :

Let’s copy pasta the buff that is suggested in the other Thread :

Nothing OP and that would make him finally be a necromancer : no minions, no threat. Because today, this is exactly what he is.


Is Seshat really the anwser to Thoth buff request ? Wouldn’t you like getting more $$ in the Atlantis portal when Thoth is featured ?

In fact, Seshat actually doomed every other dark heroes except Kunchen, Hel and probably Sartana.


Seshat did not doom Toth-Amun.

For what I’ve read in the forum, devs did that a long time ago.


Before Seshat came out, I joked that the only way in which Thoth-Amun was superior to Seshat was that I had him and not her. I can see no other way in which TA > Seshat.

The most pro-TA argument I’ve seen seems to be Panther + TA is a good combo because they charge at the same speed and hit the same three. That’s true, but those who have Panther probably have a better dark hero to follow up with (e.g., Seshat or Sartana).

So yes, I agree - TA is now extremely underwhelming in comparison, and even moreso on the rosters he is likely to be on.

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We all know for a long time TA is meh. How possibly another thread dedicated to this well known observation can change anything?

Don’t forget Panther :wink:

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The SGG staff advice could be:

Feed all the Thoth junk to Seshat. If there is no Seshat you have to pray for a wonder or uninstall.

OR…: SGG will do a hero buff next year and Thoth will be omitted :wink:

The more we discuss the problem, the more likely it is to be fixed. Same rule applied to Aegir. Ended pretty well no ?

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Er and Kage. Who is rather exceptional.

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And Ursena, Domitia, Proteus. She is great but few have her. On the other hand, I have Domitia and Proteus. Running TC20 x3 hopefully getting Sartana as well. I do have Obakan but…I do agree that Seshat is great. Thoth was a mess but so was Aegir and he is now great. I have him as my only HotM in my alt account. Wish I could merge accounts…LOL


There is one big difference between old Aegir and TA.

TA is just mediocre, bad if you want, but he does not actively harm his team like Aegir did before his buff.

Because of that, I think it’s going to be a little harder that SGG decides to adress the issue, just like the Atomos case, who I’ve heard is a TERRIBLE hero.

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Kage, Hel, Sartana, Panther, Ursena, Khiona…

I think you may be over stating Seshats importance.


Sartana and Khiona aren’t better than Seshat. They might be on equal footing, but they’re not superior.

Neither is Domitia to whomever said that.

I agree, I was responding to this quote that said seshat “doomed” every other dark, which was a massive overstatment.


Thoth was fairly rare to find before Seshat was released, I doubt her presence will help his case to whoever has both.

But even if you disregard that Seshat can’t be summoned anymore, those who don’t have her and have Thoth, they would still probably pick Sartana or arguably Domitia (free trainable heroes) before him.

EDIT: I do think that sorcerer class fits Thoth well, it is nice that his minions can activate the Delay talent (even if this was unintended, it makes him better).

I’m fine with a separate thread discussing how Seshat affects TA’s long-term viability, and debating whether Seshat’s release means SG won’t buff TA. But ideas for how to fix TA should live in the #ideas-feature-requests thread you linked. Let’s not get into debating alternatives here too :slight_smile:

In general terms, I think the question of whether SG buffs TA will depend on:

  1. Whether they believe TA is actually broken. Remember, the two most effective tanks in the recent stats thread released by SG are Very Slow and Slow, respectively, which really upends conventional wisdom. We don’t know what metrics SG keeps on TA, and what those metrics tell them about game balance and him.

  2. What options they perceive as not unbalancing him the other direction. Fast and Very Fast heroes are easy to make unbalanced, since they fire meaningfully more often than Average and Slow heroes. So presuming they intend to buff him, it still might take a long time while they’re figuring out what’s safe to do.

  3. How and when they plan to re-offer TA, and how many people actually use him. If this is a problem that only affects 0.2% of the player base, then just pocketing TA instead of fixing him and re-offering him may be the better strategy.

Aegir was in the fourth set of HOTM released, while TA was in the second set back in November 2017. So proportionately many more people have Aegir than have TA. Also, the hype surrounding Aegir was big, so many more people who drew him maxed him.

That’s a long way of saying that, at this point, I’m really unclear how SG will proceed.


Really? People request buff for TA since November 2017, from that date until today they buffed numerous other heroes. If they wanted to buff him, he’d be already buffed.

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Stop beeing passive agressive please, that’s annoying and unnecessary. You can’t be sure they will never buff him. Since Seshat release, he has definitely won the bench warmer trophy.

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I’m hesitant to use such provocative hyperbole like “doomed” in any context, let alone this one. What do you mean by “doomed” anyway?

In a game like this, the ebb and flow of heroes in the chart of “best” to “worst” is always going to be in flux, and there’s no meaningful way to fix that without making them all practically identical which would be boring. It sucks when one is stuck with the “worst” hero, objective interpretation or not, but that’s the way things can be sometimes. Full disclosure, I’m sitting here on my high horse with a bunch of amazing heroes (Ares, Seshat, Ranvir, Red Hood, Queen of Hearts, and a few more that really don’t matter to this conversation in question), so you know, not the most objective of posters. But I also have one of the :poop: of :poop: with my :nauseated_face: bench led by a max Elkanen… guh, so I get it.

That said, as has been repeated ad infinitum beforehand and likely later, the best hero you have is the one in your roster, and yeah, it sucks when you don’t have the best of the best, but what are YOUR goals with this game, anyway? You don’t need to have a GM-Guin-Seshat-Alaise-MN team to beat the Dark Lord, complete Atlantis, raid, or complete monthly events. The only things that are off limits are the top raid leaderboards and placing in tournaments/monthly events, but those are all about luck and competing with the whaliest of whales to begin with, so one really ought to put things in perspective there.

It’s more about synergy and making the most of what you have. Honestly one of the funnest heroes I’ve had is Richard, who isn’t going to blow anybody’s socks off, but wow is it fun to watch those numbers when you max them out: Ares buffed, Frida/Grimm debuffed, 1200+ damage to the primary target. Overkill? Of course. Satisfying? Definitely.

I’m sorry I’m rambling. What were we on about again?