Has season 2 been completed by anyone yet?

I want to know if anyone’s completed season 2 yet and if there is a loots and stats chart on it

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We can only complete them as they open sections. If you look at the map you’ll see when they open. No one is currently past 9.


No, and no. They’ve only released the first nine provinces, of 27.

I’m working on a loot chart, but others could too. The more data points, the more accuracy.


Thanks for the reply. If you are working on a chart for what we have so far open on season 2 please allow me to get a copy. Thanks

Ty Vivenna I appreciate the post.

Well another thing is there a place open in season 2 so far that’s better troop/recruit farming than 8-7 yet?

Nope. At S2 9-10 hard mode. 16 recruits. 11 flags.

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The best I found wars around 23-25 recruits. still not better but 8-7 gives 80% common herbs so I avoid it anyway recently. 6-8 is way better

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I personally prefer s1-7-7 for most recruits per Autoplay hour and S2-6-9-N for recruits per loot ticket.

But if anyone knows a better place for recruits per loot ticket, I would love to know.


The Devs haven’t even completed S2 yet…

I found that 6.8 can give good rewards too.
I run 7.4 for chest farming, 6.8 for crafting materials and 7.7 when in need of training items.


Does it have to be hardmode?

For me I think yes. I just need to win it once and the rest just use those tickets. :yum:

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I was wondering why I hadn’t completed Season 2 to Province 9 when I have finished both levels in each Province :thinking::thinking:
Do you have to complete all the tasks too to get the rewards

It’s okay der I have JUST read the title properly, all the rewards are for completing the WHOLE or season 2 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Reviving this thread to see if anyone has now completed Season 2 on hard? If so, are you no longer able to earn Atlantis coins?

The only Atlantis Coins “farm” after you 100% Atlantis maps are the drops from chests and from the rare enemies you can find in the few days of Atlantis Rise.

Drop rate from rare enemies is deeply disappointing

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I 101% agree with your statement.
And so is the one from chests.

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Completed over a month ago and was able to collect 107 coins since then. About one free summon a month after completely finishing S2.

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