Has Raiding become impossible?

Another 6 raids…won 2 lost 4 …all loses to Bera odin Frigg…seems to be the norm

My teams are almost pure vanilla and to an extent, those who pay are kind of kept seperate as they are consistently Diamond where lower spenders like me are kind of stuck around upper Platinum. Spending money has given me no advantage so far in this game.

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It’s because you didn’t spend “enough”.

Unfortunately, there is nothing stopping those with top diamond teams from fishing for easy kills from the upper platinum waters.


They do constantly. I have been raided for as few as 6 cups and that is the smallest number I have seen. I didn’t even waste my time attempting a revenge. My mono teams max out at around 3900 pts; put up against 4650 with 100 emblems??


I get grumblings all the time from our lower members (both current and former)… level 35s getting raided by level 80s… LOLwut?

That’s why I’m always on here arguing with people who say “oh it’s no big deal, don’t worry about the whales, they’re just fighting each other anyway, ignore them and fight people at your own level”

Noooo that’s not how it works at all. The freaking whales are constantly cup dropping to pick on lowbies.

The other alliance that our lower level members went to? Their last war, they had a 4600 TP opponent. This is a team of mostly level 20-35 players and they are being paired up against level 50+ opponents with 4600 TP teams??? When their own highest was 4000? Yeah, right, someone please explain to me again how this game is fair and balanced…?

These are regular players of the game who do not post on the forum, but they chat with each other every day, and I read these chats. If you think it’s only me and a couple other people complaining about power creep here? I am speaking on behalf of more than just myself.

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They do and I mentioned this in regards to a gamblers mentality in another post the other day where this guy was not a gambler, he was a winner. Only cared about winning. I’ve also met some really bad winners online. (They should be ashamed)
The issue is that at this level, everyone has over 3,000,0000 in food so a re roll is a drop in the bucket. I can’t see a way that SG could change this to make it fair apart from constraining their defense tp limits between matchups which shouldn’t be hard for them. Seriously!!

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Reroll? What is that?

LOL nah, I know what it is. It’s something I rarely used in the past, and never use currently.

Perhaps that might partially explain why I’m almost never running low on food.

Overall though… yeah cup dropping is cheesy AF, but it’s happened since the dawn of E&P and it will never stop. I no longer care about that when it comes to raids.

It’s far more annoying to me, however, when it happens in wars. I know that’s not exactly “cup dropping” in the strictest sense, but I hate it when alliances get faced against opponents that they stand no possible chance of beating. That’s where the combination of power creep and broken matchmaking really starts to annoy me.

Not claiming that to be the case in all of our recent wars, they actually seem to be more balanced lately. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we get teamed up against another one of those “all S3/S4/ninja defenses” again. :roll_eyes:


Stick to the raiding topic folks;)…Ok gonna do some raids now let’s see what it brings me. I do not mind cup dropping as it is strategy anyone can use at any level which is fair In my opinion

3 wins and 3 loses …loses to frig odin Bera or black night teams…and I mean painful loses…they destroyed me

Warring is a form of raiding, is it not?

Uses most of the same mechanics, with only a few minor differences.

And yeah… not surprised you got destroyed by BK. He is one of my least favorite opponents to fight.

Dude, one post by one person mentioned an analogy with war!

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My last BK opponent was freaking hilarious; no taunts, no nothing. Dead within 2 turns and the entire team collapsed.

Heaven forbid somebody start talking about raid tournaments or something… totally off topic. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I think I’ve come full circle once again with this forum. Believe I’m overdue for another break from here.

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I was only joking bud …I’m way too relaxed for this …having Odin hit every heroe for almost 700 a piece isn’t fun …I’m not saying you can’t win but there’s no enjoyment in it. Bk is painful but not as bad as odin or Frid I always to bring somebody that can steal his taunt…anyways as mentioned many times …there is no fun or skills or tactic anymore…it’s just praying you can fire your SP before Frigg odin or you are dead …3 loses I had my 3 heroes down before I was able to fire my SP …which just delayed my death by a 1 round lol

They dropped me like 200cups…I fought way back…won first 5 since I was against “normal” teams…last one Finley Frigg Bera Odin Marjama(c) over in 40 seconds…got absolutely raped

I will never understand cup dropping. What is the fun in just destroying lower level teams? I see people posting on Facebook bragging about how they went down to gold level for POV. IMO, if you have the heroes to be in diamond, that’s where you should be. If you have the heroes to be in diamond, and can’t win at that level, then you just suck at the game.


Avid cup dropper here. I only raid to fill the chest. I don’t get much pleasure from raiding in general regardless of opponent strength and can’t imagine pleasure from beating on weaker folks. The rewards for Platinum v Diamond don’t seem enough for me to devote more time/gem skips to maximize my cups.

When POV comes around to Diamond chests I rise up and generally work through it in a few days, then drop back down.

Over 200k in ham for every diamond raid chest makes it worth it to stay in diamond. Also, I would rather test out my defenses with my raid defense than get crushed in a war if I field a team that just gets beat easily.

Also, low cups affects your alliance ranking, if you care about that…


Also, a 4* every month from raid chests is about average for me. This last month I had 2. Plus the trainers and tokens. Plus, raiding is the basis of this whole game and to my mind the most fun and challenge to be had.

Raiding and war are still my most favourite part of this game. I am not religious about filling 2 chests a day or the like (in fact some days I go 3 without doing a monster chest)

My top team attack team I use is around 4300. I dont typically reroll unless I am looking to find a particular hero or combination of heroes to test against (eg looking for a Bera tank to work out my best line up vs her)

Raiding is all about war practice so I have an idea of best teams to use in war against different opponents whilst still leaving enough depth for future flags and where I might need to level up a different type of hero.


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