Has Raiding become impossible?

Do you have any minion counter heroes like grimble skadi c gormek uraeus? Myztero will also work vs teams with bera tank frigg and a vela or jf or gm.

If you do then the key is to use the freya or bera tank to your advantage (many of these Odin frigg teams have one of these tanks). Otherwise good old fashioned mono vs tank will work, particularly if you have the hotm that negates bera/freya mana cut for that color

Yes I have Grimble and it does work or times but …id say they fire before my grimble can consume those minions way more often than I can fire Grimble to destroy minions and consume mama. Those teams are just too powerful…the gap is getting bigger and bigger between f2p and p2w in my opinion …I never had amazing def team but I could get very high up the ranks…now it’s just a vague memory…this is just what I feel now

My problem is the way the opposition will constantly revive too then use there specials then die its ridiculous

I hear you… My Grimble sometimes does not get to fire his special, and I specifically choose minion making targets … So still working on my troops - the grind is real :sweat:

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Then target Alby, MN or Heimdall early and stop that nonsense!

If a fighter revives with 1 hp, send a line of tiles into them, any colour, they will either die or buy you another turn to kill them!

I couldn’t get over the expense of getting my mana troops to lvl 11. The cost was crazy.

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Think you misunderstood me i was referring to the likes of Magni Joon Elena they will ghost constantly only to revive then use there specials then die they nearly always use there specials never seemingly die before using specials

Yeah it is a funny thing that 90% when they die the revive with full mana and fire ;)…but I wouldn’t complain about this that much as I would want to believe this works both ways so when they attack me I hope my Magni does the same…generally speaking now it feels that the folks paying for game are in their own league and we are just the folders

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Couldn’t agree more, the number of times BT has revived for me with full mana seems a little paradoxical, but then it is my turn now and so he heals with that sweet mana troop healing bonus.

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I’m not sure what’s strange about this. I bet that 90% of the time they die due to tile strikes which increases their mana.

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But the funny thing is that they always seems to die when their mana is full…fast Magni or slow Elena

May I ask how you keep up with the food demands if you’re not raiding? I hate raids (including tourneys), but I do them for the food and to fill the raid chest (for more food).

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Like I said, it’s not that strange when most of the time you kill them, its near the end of the battle so they’re already close to charging, or when you hit with your tiles, it completes the charge. If you kill them early enough, you’ll notice that they aren’t dead with their mana full. I’ve killed fighters many times and they’ve revived a number of times without charged mana. Just chalk it up to confirmation bias.

True …but this is just a side topic that doesn’t really bother me …back to the main subject currently raiding is broken due to huge gap between those who pay a lot and get all those new heroes and those who don’t pay or pay occasionally like myself

So… I don’t pay and hang out on the bottom end of diamond and have no issues filling my raid box at least twice a day. Some days are better than others: some days I can’t do anything wrong and the boards come up in my favor, other days I can’t buy a tile to save my life. I don’t always see the OP teams all the time, maybe a few times a day and I get mixed success. But I wouldn’t say that raiding is impossible. And yes, my roster is primarily S1 heroes and when I raid, I’ll usually have a couple of 4* heroes as well. I stack 3-1-1, so I’m not going mono. Then again, I do have Malosi who renders many heroes impotent (like Krampus, Black Knight), IF I get him charged early enough. Sometimes I just don’t get any yellow tiles.

I’m not saying raiding is impossible but I don’t 3njoy it anymore…I’m around 2400 2500 but if I want to push harder it’s super hard as you come across Frigg odin Bera ninjas teams constantly …I never did raiding just to fill my chest but I enjoyed the challenge …unfortunately the “challenge” is no more and it’s more of a mission impossible. It was a big part of game for me but now it’s just like you said…get the chest filled and forget about…because why bother…

Food is not a general issue… most times I have so much food I can’t get enough recruits to store it in tc20… food and iron always were the last things I ever raided for… if I don’t have troop feeders available and HL and the forge are not idle, I literally have to re-roll food away to be able to retire recruits from TC11…

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That is true. Defense has become too strong for raids to be fun anymore… The new heroes are so overpowered next to SI and SII ones, it’s pointless going after them if you don’t also have those top heroes.

I don’t usually have food demands.

All of my mines and farms are max level.
All of my food and iron storages are max level.
Almost all of my research is already done.
I feed both troops and feeder heroes as soon as I get them.
I’ve already applied most of my available emblems.
I don’t have enough crafting mats to craft more of the battle items I commonly use.
I’m also now running low on even the most basic of training mats… backpacks, swords, etc.

So I very rarely encounter food shortages.

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They want people to see how awesome those heroes are…so they spend money to get them…and when they do SG will nerf or release new batch of heroes who will make those look like bunch of Magnis and Elenas lol

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