Has Raiding become impossible?

I am loving the new formations. Love the variety of teams I am seeing to challenge…and no raiding didn’t get harder. It does, however, require a little more thought to put you raid teams together.

Still one of my favourite parts of the game…

They must have got freakishly lucky, it maxes out at 61 cups, my best ever was 58

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Guess that depends on what level are you raiding. Against top defenses raiding with my f2p roster become a recuring nightmare. My win rate dropped from 50% to maybe 10%. Underline! That’s against the top defenses the game has to offer. Meaning top shelf +20 heroes with lvl.30 troops. Raiding against average teams (S1, S2 highly emblemed heroes, HOTM’s and lower class event and S3 5*) is no different than before. Win rate here is above 90%. Thing is, for the first time in three years, the paywall barrier has become obvious in everyday raiding. There are a few heroes that make raiding painful. You can see them in all the global top defenses. Bera, Frigg+Odin, Cobalt, Krampus, c.Kadilen and a few others. Get them and you’re set. You won’t have to lift a finger, just set your defense and keep 2800 cups most times.


This morning, I certainly lost a lot (even dipped down into platinum for a minute). But then I drank a raid flask and won 5 in a row and filled my chest. I think it’s still down to random chance more than anything else. The bright side was winning four revenges in a row, as I was now way lower in the rankings than I should have been. Nice to log in with positive cup balance!

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I have no green counters against him. Caedmon is without emblems and don’t have costume bonus either, don’t have Evelyn, which is great counter for him and his defense buff is undispellable, I have to use Frida and Sonya with costume bonus otherwise I don’t really have any chance against him on tank. I just gave over 100 cups to one player (not that cups really matters to me) cause I failed 3 revenges in a row against defense - Boldtusk, Frigg, Krampus, Joon, Alfrike… I don’t know why I even bother, I think it’s time for me to ignore Krampus on tank defense teams. Frigg flanking making it even bigger nightmare. I have Almur, but I still have tough times getting Krampus down. The dispel is really needed there.

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I’ve gotten 59 before. Some cup dropper came down to my level and raided me when I was on the lower end of the spectrum, then moved his way back up into diamond. Probably assuming that none of us would go after him and his real OP team.

I went for it in spite of my better judgment, and got a lucky board.

These days though? Yikes. The teams in diamond can mostly one shot me.

Stupid me, I put up a fairly solid defense team using the new formations that is now keeping me in high platinum / low diamond. Essentially assuring that I’ll never be able to fill a raid chest again without cup dropping. :man_facepalming:


I’ve never enjoyed raiding at the best of times. I cup dropped for too long, until I finally realized it was holding me back in game knowledge. I’ve never cared about cups and just raided because I had a chest to fill and got food and iron.

Not being a great player I’m really disliking the raid formations. I’m finding it so tedious that I’m doing even more raids now (thanks to my fail rate) and it’s taking me that much longer to fill the raid chest.

I dread the day the formations are added to the wars :zipper_mouth_face:


Grimble has come into his own for me against Bera tanks. I run mono dark against Bera and am thrilled when I see Frigg and Odin as well. Admittedly, I was blessed with 2x very cheap Ninjas…so my mono purple Rigard, Onyx, Khiona, Seshat, Grimble.

Loving that I don’t need to emblem him to play against these guys…his meaty defense Stat is perfect!

Part of me is actually kind of hoping formations are added to wars, because a few others in my alliance who have “friendly raided” my current setup have raged about how much they hate it. :laughing:

I would love an opportunity to finally subject some of my opponents to the same torture I have to deal with when going up against their OP heroes!

My defense team in standard formation is “meh”. Easy to beat for anyone with a solid bench.

The way I have it set up currently is giving even some high level players a hard time.


I still win a lot but I pick teams more carefully.

Before, against pre-nerf GTV I still won sometimes using mono and relying on a very good board. I found out that against extremely good defenses, even with mono teams and an excellent board I keep on loosing no matter what, even though my roster has been getting better and better. I suspect that with the S4 heroes the gap is going to widen even more.

I’ve resorted to some weird lineups recently to score a win. Going in all neutral, you name it. Rerolling gets me matches but the watchtower is giving me not much love. Currently around 2200 cups with a 4077 defense.

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I’m slowly approaching Diamond Arena because I’ve kept a line-up of 4 5* heroes I maxed or am planning to max and Gullinbursti in the center (at reverse position). Once public beta ends, I imagine people will decimate that raid defense until I restructure it.

As for raids being impossible, I’m starting to understand why I kinda stopped caring much about which arena I was in since raid chests will still be crappy and will probably do cup dropping again if it means avoiding an obvious unbeatable team. That and I guess I suck at strategy when boards will be… not-very-good and cascade enough times to get the tank or flank activated and hitting here and healing there.

Will also admit that I’m more interested in the tournaments than actual raiding, though that has a 4 strike and out thing. At least with raids, I can get defeated and just wait a whole hour to get a flag back and try again.

I apologize in advance, I did not make it through the whole thread yet so some of this may have been mentioned.

To me, initially my win rate when down. I am reluctant to say “plummeted” or the other adjectives for a precipitous fall off in wins others have. I don’t track it so I can’t say exactly, but a moderate amount.

I have adjusted since then and noticed the following 2 things in general:

1 - Formations decrease your chance for a win when swinging above your belt. It is more tile dependent then ever for that.

Part of this to me is formations make it harder to hit only one enemy. The enemy is spreading out your damage and you’re charging multiple enemies mana faster than before.

2 - Where I feel the crunch the most is against newer heroes. I am F2P with mostly vanillas. Some vanillas have 1 effect to their special, maybe most have two. Some do have more. Newer 5’s can have 4 or more. Amplify this by the formations making it harder to hit only one enemy over multiple turns (see above). If I don’t have the tiles early and multiple of the newer hero enemies go off I noticed I am just fighting too many effects.

If I have 3 newer heroes go off with say even just 3 effects (being conservative) each I am fighting 9 things at once on top of their damage with vanillas heroes. It would take multiple rounds with vanillas to get that many statuses active, much less counters to off set. As in the first ones would likely wear off before reactivating more to keep it happening.

This isn’t a rant. I truly like the formations. More variety of heroes and combos. It has also forced me to switch some attack teams that had gotten stale. It has just made it more difficult to swing above your weight class. To me, that’s okay. I truthfully think tile power from mono against a standard formation with a traditional tank was too generous with a win rate of team even 400-500 TP lower. That likely makes me unpopular :laughing:, but is what I feel none the less.

Previously there was the point where you said with your D “What’s the point?” once it got you to a certain bench mark. I don’t know yet to now if that is eliminated, unlikely, or if the bench mark just moved. I think it takes a lot of work to get a D team to say 4600 TP. You should have players feeling “what’s the point” over that accomplishment because 4k mono teams will beat 40% of the time or something.

Overall in a month or so, assuming they keep it, they’ll be less wild swings in players trophy counts because trophy count based on your roster strength will have evened out. Maybe more players are in platinum now because of the mono vs standard formation “loop hole” has been closed, or at least narrowed. Diamond vs platinum seems more ego than anything else personally. The loot box different truly seems marginal at best from past experience. Platinum isn’t that bad, there is almost a stigma about not being diamond in the boards these days.

Good luck out there!



Of course you know your attack success rate will dramatically go down against formations in wars. I’m used to at least 3 or 4 one shots if boards are terrible, 5 or 6 if boards favor me the slightest. That’s against the thoughest enemies on the field, usually 4500 and above. I expect it to go down to 1 or 2 oneshots, if I’m lucky, when formations will hit the battlefield. Defense is passive, brings no joy. Attack on the other hand, was the main reason I liked this game. Now defense become so frickin’ strong there are times I waste 6 flags with not enough kills to fill half my chest. Even less sometimes…


I do understand that, yes. But as it is, I already struggle against the toughest defenses.

My attack success rate will go down, but so will my opponents’.

That is less fun for everyone perhaps, but I’m already having less fun encountering fully emblemed top rated heroes. Particularly in fast mana wars. My roster is just not strong enough to one shot most of those teams unless I get a really good board.

Perhaps it’s time for SG to revisit the idea of defense having “passive” attack and defense bonuses, either that or reduce the rate at which defense mana charges.

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Now that would be a great step forward in bringing back joy to our E&P lifes… unfortunately, unbreakable defenses are in SG’s best interest, a reward for those who spend tons of money chasing paywall heroes. Now their defense are unpenetrable by conventional methods, they are no longer frustrated by being robbed of 40 -50 cups by players with common rosters… well, not all the time, at least…


I actually rage opted-out of wars a couple of weeks ago because of how ridiculous our opponent teams were becoming compared to ours. I hope to opt back in again eventually, but not if I’m just going to continually get one shotted every time.

Oh and then we have S4 dropping soon, that should be a barrel full of monkeys. I guess I could just suck it up and accept the losses until my war score drops down to a negative number. :laughing:

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I think they should distinguish the difference between individual raids and war. I can see merit to leaving individual raids as-is but group raids (wars) different by eliminating D team bonus. They already get a bonus from the war type (undead horde, etc.).

That could be a net win and help tweak the poor match making in the right way direction. People kill more while attacking, which is why they do it. It’s the fun part.


Hopefully we won’t see too many S4 heroes very soon… even whales have a 4* AM limitation. Most ascension items were used on the new event heroes, ninjas, S3 top stars and some vilains. I really hope S4 will stay at 3/70 for a long long time. Just hope SG won’t come up with a reset token for old heroes… that would be the end for most of us…

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Yes raiding is so bad now. I lost all interest. I do not have Frigg odin Bera or ninjas and I’m b3ing destroyed by those teams time after time. GTV was bad enough but now…man difference between F2P or casual spenders and those who spend a lot is huuuuuge Its like they are playing different game. At some point I got to No1 few months ago …now I can barely hit 2750 as it’s where I run into players with those teams and…it’s over for me. Luckily my alliance is kinda weak so we do not encounter those players 9n wars too much but…it’s clear sign SG is after our money making new paid heroes stronger and stronger

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