Has Raiding become impossible?

Was winning at about a 75% rate, now at about 10% - same level of competition, if anything my teams have gotten better relative to opponent. Formations might be a small factor, but overall its much harder the last month or so. Raiding is basically pointless now, if it ever wasn’t.

Anyone else or just me?


I win at the same rate I always do. I win most of the time.

My roster isn’t as strong or as up-to-date, and I’ve never had the ‘primo’ defenders that some people love so much
(Krampus, Frigg, Odin, Guinevere, Telluria, Black Knight, Kunchen, Ursena, Alfrike, to name only a few)

But I win. Formations have required a bit more attentiveness to team selection, but I think I’m somewhere around the 70-75% range.

I don’t raid mono, only 4-1 when I am working to fill a chest.

Sometimes Rainbow when I’m not trying to fill a chest.


Raiding is different with the new formations, but I like it much better. Sometimes it’s harder, sometimes not. You have to be more carefull when picking your attack teams. I personally didn’t really motice a drop in win ratios on my raids, outside the general streaks of bad luck.


My experience has been that the wins and losses come and go in clusters. Eventually the wins ought to start being more frequent again. If you enjoy playing the game you could focus on other parts of it for a while and then resume raiding later. Sometimes I throw entirely weird hero combinations at it just to get a different experience. I sometimes discover a new tactic and/or hero combination that work well together that way.


I think my succes rate is a bit lower than before, but can’t tell wether it’s because of new formations OR because I tend to experiment a lot with my teams since their introduction… So, I see this month as a learning academy tbh - trying new strategies and yes, sometimes it doesn’t work and I lose like 3-5 raids in a row. But sometimes it does so I have a winning streaks.

It’s definitely a different experience. If they decide to make them a permanent feature, I will probably change my priorities about what heros should I level - for defence or offence. :slight_smile:

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I win more than in the past. I love to raid W and M formations, the more annoying is the reverse to me.

But I like this change, really … :man_shrugging:

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I find those two easier as well. But still, sometimes those new teams doesn’t work the way I predicted, so I lose. :see_no_evil:
Part of the learning process, especially with some heros I didn’t use that much before. Let’s see how it will go after this world beta period.

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At the beginning what fooled me a lot was… I didn’t look at the formation. I mean, when I had to choose the opponent, my brain automatically saw that formation as standard and my finger used to go to the fight.
I needed some days to avoid it.


I agree, and for that reason I dont raid. I do however attempt to revenge. I lose 95 percent of the time, but I do attempt. I care back up to 2600 only to be raided right back down by much lower teams. This I know because I am losing between 45 to 50 cups a shot. I keep my coffers cleared so it’s not my iron or food they raid me for. It’s becoming sickening. I work hard for my cups as I know everyone does, then to to have a tiny team take my cups is just sickening. I dont raid you, why are you going after me like this. Bullies!!!

Are you being serious here? You are calling those with weaker teams than yours, who raid you and win, bullies?


Simple answer to the thread question: No. Because raiding is still possible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But the new formations do add a different dimension to raiding if you have Hero Academy, or raid someone who is using it. My initial reaction, which still holds for the time being, is when it’s ‘easy’ it’s a lot easier. When it’s ‘hard’ it’s a lot harder. This is regardless of the formation used.

As for defending, it feels like I’m now raided fewer times than previously. I haven’t noticed the 100/200+ trophy drops over night when logging on in the mornings.

I have mainly S1 heroes and only a handful of special 5*s. For context, my main raiding team is under TP4200 but can take down opponents even in the TP4800 range (tile fortune dependent, of course).

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I agree with the OP
My win rate clearly has dropped since the introduction of new formations.
Part of it is also linked to me being too lazy to adapt my attack teams to the formation I’m facing. And it’s important to do so. Formation i have most trouble with is reverse.


Some confusion here I hope you can clear up.

You state you don’t raid in your opening sentence.

Then when you talk about revenges you only win 5% of them (that’s 1 in 20…)

Then you say you get to 2600 cups

How? You say you work hard for your cups but apparently you lose 19 in 20 revenges but get to 2600 with no raiding at all.

Apologies but your post is so perplexing I literally can’t make sense of it


It seems that attacking team has a defense down and get no tiles and the defending team get a defense and attack boost.

I lose 5/6 raids. I still have 2500 cups. But not becouse i win raids is becouse my defense team is wining.

My win rate has gone down, but I don’t think it’s from formations. The number of 4700+ teams in low diamond has increased a lot. I’m still refilling my chest daily but it’s taking more rerolls and more flags

We need another higher tier. 3000 trophies would be the next, logical progression.

I’m quite enjoying formations, btw. It’s nice to not see the same defenses all the time.


I’ve never tracked my win rate, but with the formations in play now I do find myself losing more for sure - I think I went from winning a majority of fights to less than half (partly I may be too stubborn to retry losing attacks too much). But I wouldn’t use the word “impossible”… it’s just harder at least some of the time.

My feeling is that I still need to get better at how to fight the new formations. I’ve seen someone mention that 3/2 and mono is less effective and I think that is right. Before formations my typical attack setup was 3/2.

Now I’m trying different things, make team selection more focused on bringing the most optimum special skills rather than stacking for tile damage first, which I think is helping. But it is just harder to make a hole and create some breathing room with any of the new formations, and I find a lot of fights just take longer even if I do win in the end. Of course there is the thing where nearby-hitters have a big advantage against the double/reverse double formations, and my roster just isn’t strong on those, the fast ones especially (no GM or Drake for one). I’m bringing Miki along more, but he is too slow a lot of the time. Maybe HA will be nice one day and give me Hel or Drake or GM (or a lucky S4 pull)…

Also I have to say it is Krampus in particular that I see a lot on defense, and he is quite tough to bring down, all the while the rest of the team can beat you over the head till its too late sometimes. Eve/Lianna/Greg can work nicely here, but if the green tiles don’t come fast enough… Also dodge can be extra frustrating (C. Kadilen, Jade, …).

A little bit strange considering all of this, but I find I am still holding 2500-2600+ cups most of the time, sometimes upper 2600 for longer than I used to stay there. I guess my own defense must be slightly tougher using the reverse formation (now trying double, but initial impression is that it’s less effective for my particular lineup). Another interesting thing I noticed is that in the past the global top 1000 rank would be close to the 2700 cup mark, I think now that is closer to rank 3000 instead. So I guess that probably means the top players have been able to take advantage of the new formations relatively more than the rest of us (not completely surprising really), concentrating cups more towards the top? Doesn’t really matter to me but I found it interesting to see.

Anyway, I’d say overall, for me at least, it’s a matter of still developing better strategies for the new formations, and also maybe some roster optimization for it as possible (…but I won’t do that unless this becomes a permanent feature). And even if it stays more difficult overall, it is still welcome new variety IMHO (and it applies evenly to everyone, except those without HA are at a disadvantage defense-wise).

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My raid win rate has definitely decreased since the introduction of raid formations. As pretty C2P I don’t have any of the shiny heroes featured in the 2600+ cup range where I mostly fight. This was no problem though before formations because mono or 4+1 still allowed beating almost any team. I didn’t lose 3 in a row against the same team for years, but already a few times now. Without incredible boards there is simply almost no way for me to beat some of the W, M or V formations. And this is indeed reducing fun for me.

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I think my win rate even went up. Before the formations went live, there were exactly the same teams at the top, and with the Frigg, BK, Odin in the middle it was just a lottery. Right know there is much more variety and even if I lose I don’t feel so frustrated because I was not beaten by exactly the same team over and over.


Teams above 2500 or so are getting crazy strong. I have more losing streaks than before, but eventually break through back up to 2600 pretty much every day.

My mini-beef with how raids are changing isn’t that they are harder, it’s that they are skewed heavily one way or the other more than they ever have been before. 9 out of 10 raids I’m either steamrolling them or they’re steamrolling me. I feel like the raid is essentially decided 3 or 4 moves into it. I LOVE a good, strategy-based raid where the moves are not always either a) obvious or b) completely non-existent. Those raids are certainly less common for me.


Basically exactly this - its over one way or another very quickly into the match. I have teams that at 200-400 points higher and will either crush an opponent, and then get revenged and come out as a net loss, or I’ll lose very quickly because I couldn’t get a multi-chain hit in the first 2-3 moves and its over.

Something has changed, besides formations, its much harder and basically not worth the effort for so little rewards. And less fun -

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