Has Loot Been Buffed Recently?

I’ve noticed that the loot I’ve gotten recently has been substantially better. As in I’ve received a whopping 6 non-farm ascension items this week as opposed to the usual 1-2 items:
-Mystic Rings from a normal monster chest,
-Orb of Magic from a normal hero chest (same day as the rings, actually),
-Warm Cape from a titan yesterday,
-Another Orb of Magic from a titan today,
-and the Fine Gloves and Tome of Tactics from the Farholme Pass quest

Is anyone else seeing a noticeable bump in their loot lately, or am I just on a lucky streak?


You are a lucky man. I am following what I get from chests since january and I can tell you I got nothing so far, excluding elemental chest where I got from time to time a 3* item. 4* item have disappeared completely except from rare quest.


I’ve felt lucky too, this is since monday.

Orb - Monster chest
Hidden Blade - Monster chest
Warm Cape - 4* titan
Warm Cape 4* titan
Fine gloves - Farholme
Tome of Tactics - Farholme

If this keeps up I’m happy, wish the Quests were more often.

Haven’t had an elemental chest in awhile, even after using some gems on advancing to the next chest though, not happy with that.

I’m patiently waiting on my 4th Sturdy Shield, Hidden Blade and Trap tools.

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Elemental chest are random, 18 for me since december 1st, 10 for my brother and he is playing more than me.

I feel the loot has been bumped for me too. (No elemental chest, but I don’t chase them, so that’s okay.)

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Looking at my normal Monsters / Titan chests that dropped farmable ascension items since Monday and shakes head.

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Opposite for me…I was actually wondering if loot had been nerfed. I have had god awful chests. Also, have finished A* on Titans on last 4 Titans (they were 8*) and loot just awful.


Yesterday I got a troop’s token from raid chest:
4* mana, blue

Thanks for mentioning some good luck. There’s new thread every few hours blaming SG, witchcraft and the Nixon administration for a personal nerf vendetta against their loot.

Can we all agree it’s. just. random.


We can. :slight_smile: But, honestly, randomness is not a universal excuse. In fact random generation can be tuned and it’s up to developers to do so. For example they can assure that at least one of three tokens is not a silver one or that at least on of ascension items is not farmable. Theoretically… or technically… :sunglasses:


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hi Rook. Do you have a birthday today? You have the cookie profile. Happy Birthday

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Thx guys. Way to ruin the fun for everyone else.
Now the devs will nerf again.

And today a unfarmable item, yay!


Thanks! It’s a delayed b-day for some reason, but I’ll take the cake! :grin:

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My loot is always in waves. I’ll go two weeks with nothing and then suddenly it’s raining from the sky. If I get that rare item from the ad play, then I know it’s time to start clearing chests as fast as possible. Just the way it is…


People who think there’s been a loot buff while in the middle of a hit streak always make me laugh.

Short answer to OP: no

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I would like to more ascension rewards in the game. To get the hard ones for 5 star heroes u end up buying them in a raffle. This is a very expensive game for most players. Let us earn them in the game rather than having us buy a chance to win them. I spent 2400 gems to get what I needed and received squat! When people quit buying in this game u may ask yourselves why people are leaving! This is the most expensive game I’ve played yet and will not spend anymore money here!

Glad that I could provide you with some comedy, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a game developer has responded to waves of negative criticism and “OMGZ im gunna 2 quit teh gamez!!1!” threats by tweaking the game mechanics, and I thought it was worth asking if that was the case this time.

You’re right that the answer is most likely no, though.

EDIT: Just got a compass from a normal hero chest this morning, so the streak continues! :smile:

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Orb in a Titan chest yesterday, now I’m sitting on 4 orbs and no fine gloves, not complaining, but I need fine gloves bad.

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