Has anyone tried an all-healer war team?

I prefer mostly snipers, but the topic (old as it is) is “has anyone tried an all-healer war team”?

In the vein of scientific inquiry, I’m genuinely interested in the results. Play on! :wink:


Most I’ve used is 3 healers, usually with the arrow attack boost. I remember reading here somewhere that for an effective defense team you have to treat it as an attacking team too. After all, every turn the defense team also attacks. If there’s no damage to be made then there’s no threat. It just had to be built differently from your attack team because it needs to face ALL types whereas your attack team can be tailored to the specific defense team.

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A very good point.

I was wondering about all-healers used on arrow rounds though; the arrow does the damage, and you outlast the other team (and waste their time in the process).

I still admit I haven’t done this…

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There’s a remedy to this having a blood match which will disable all healing from both sides that will break it up it could be a random rule or it can be item that you require somehow to make this happen but I’m not one of the makers of this game but it will be an even playing field if this were to happen

Everything’s an even playing field in wars.

You get field aid, I get field aid. You get attack boost, I get attack boost.

Resurrecting this as I have started using this healer-only team on offense. I won’t be using it in wars because I need to distribute my healers across all my teams and I can’t afford to use so many in one team, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in wars too.

I’ve had a run of 15/16 wins with this team against 4.8, 4.9 and 5K TP teams. Whilst the battles can be won with a healer in defense they go much smoother and quicker if there isn’t a healer.

Gulli is pretty important in this team as he gives most of the firepower - but although he does the hit I still consider him a healer.

I interchange a bit depending on the opposition. C Mel gets subbed in if I want a dispel. Kiril get subbed in if I want another heal and defense down counter. Lord Loki comes in if the opponent has a strong healer that I want to use (I try to use him exclusively for that healer).

I avoid minion makers because those teams can be easily handled if I sub out one of the healers with Grimble, but that defeats the purpose. But without a minion counter it can be a tricky battle with so little firepower.

I also avoid reverse formation. I struggle with this one regardless of my attack team but it seems particularly effective against a team with little firepower.

I am a little bit (pleasantly) surprised that a team like this can hang against the toughest defenses with so little firepower

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Curious… I would think a 4 healer +1 all team counter hero would be more effective

What sort of hero are you talking about - riposte or something else?

Riposte like a costume boril or cyprian, who can give that buff to the full team

I tried Ferant for a few raids and I didn’t really like the drop in survivability - I need a lof of different (and multiple) options to keep everyone alive until Luigi can give me the 4 turns of virtual immunity due to how heavy hitting the defenses are and how many defense down heroes there are.

However I do really like Ferant and use him regularly in another team so I might try giving him a run in this team again.

This team started out as a bit of an experiment and so far has been so successful (other than vs reverse formations) that I may just make it my one-size-fits-most raiding team.

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