Has anyone tried an all-healer war team?

I am curious to know if anyone here has tried an alliance war team–offense or defense–made up of nothing but powerful healers and how the battle(s) have turned out.

My greatest nemesis in war is a powerful front-line healer. I can never seem to get around it, Any attack with a combo hits him, my specials never seem to charge fast enough to take him out that way, and by the time I get close to killing off any of my enemies, he restores almost all health for that team making my entire attack worthless.

I have fought wars where I have come close to killing off the front healer, both of the second-line heroes, and maybe even an attack on two on the third later of a powerful team only for them to be healed, kill me off in the next turn, and end up with only single-digit points from the battle. . . and that it with only one healer on the front line.

So I wonder what happens if you have an all-healer team whee you use nothing but gem attacks (offense) or auto-counter attacks (defense) do the attacking for you.

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I have faced healer defense teams. My question is how would I do enough damage in war if I have no damage dealers? Gotta bring down my opponent before that pesky arrow barrage…


Yes. On defense. It has it’s place. I ran Rigard, Sabina, Boldtusk, Kiril, and Delilah. Being from a middle alliance around 115k, I can tell you it would get killed once or twice and then stand up to the other teams people could put together. However, any team with 2 healers and good fast mana single target damage would make short work of it without much risk. My defense team is now down to 2 healers and stands up to 1st and 2nd attacks very well, and still repels lower power teams. You need damage, heals are not enough. The revenge bar, while annoying, doesn’t really do enougg significant damage vs a team you are not actively hitting with your own heroes on defense.


Sounds good. In my opinion you should change the order a bit though - I’d personally run this team like Rigard, Delilah, Kiril, BT, Sabina.

That wasn’t the order, I was just listing them.

Edit: I ran it Boldtusk - Rigard - Delilah - Kiril - Sabina

I now run: Boldtusk - Sartana - Delilah - Boril - Lianna and it’s been much better.


We faced an alliance that went heavy on healers. They didn’t use them exclusively, but every defence had at least two, the vast majority had three, and some had more.

I thought it might cause problems, but we ended up beating them pretty easily. I’m guessing that maybe the players’ second and third healers were such a downgrade in terms of their individual vulnerability that it undid the benefit their whole team might otherwise have accrued.

Or maybe they were just unlucky.

We just had a Sabina, Sabina, Boldtusk, Kashrek, Melendor opponent. Didn’t really bother with it as she had a fairly low point value, but one of our other members one shotted her easily enough.
Throw in a vivica or Delilah though, and it may have been a bit tougher.


I’ve only been playing a month, but did a few 10-pulls and have a good set of heroes, a few pushing level 60/ascension item limits…anyhow, random number generators being what they are, I’ve got a a LOT of healers, and good ones.

Mostly as a joke, my war defense theory was “All Healers. Just stay alive; who needs damage, I’ll let those !@#$!@ arrows do it for me…” My team:

Kirli 2/45, Krashhek 1/1, Deliliah 2/41, Belith 3/50, Sabina 2/15

We faced a much weaker alliance, so I wasn’t tested. One guy hit me, and his defense team score was way less than mine. First hit he got ONE point Second hit he got ZERO points.

My team’s final HP status:
Kiril: 727/698, Kashhrek 609/622, Deliliah 897/893, Belith 729/729, Sabina 676/638

Yes, on average over my max. It appears that Deliliah’s summoned minions and their status persists between war attacks :slight_smile:

Honestly, I did it more for the laugh or ■■■?!?!? reaction than because I thought it would be competitive. And because I could. Sorta like I heard people talking about running a team of 5 fully maxed Sharans just 'cuz.

It was a complete success–wewiped out the other team badly. And at least I laughed at what I did. I think my alliance leader did too! :joy::rofl::grin:

When we finally get a competitive war, I’ll add some hitters, but probably keep Del & Kiril, maybe Belith; they are my strongest.

And RNG’s being what they are, I expect my next 10-pull to net me Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard, or Vivica, maybe all of them at once! I’d just laugh at fate and RNGs! (If I just got repeats of the same healers I’ve already got, I’d probably cry instead…) Meanwhile somebody else in my alliance only has two 3* healers…

Update: I got a daily summon token reward from each stage of Knights. Of those three pulls, two feeders and guess who… Hawkmoon! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You made me giggle…I’m now looking at my heroes to see if an all-healer team is feasible, for laughs if nothing else! :grin:


I’ll go back to trying a full healer team if my next war follows the same pattern as the last few. I’ve been using Boril instead of another healer for the last three or four wars.

I think it would depend what healer you have down the middle. If the healer has no offensive component to their heal in the tank position you just ram tiles into them until you’re blue in the face to charge up your heros. They get a heal off it doesnt really matter because once your heroes are charged you just snipe them and start ghosting tiles. Healers that have offensive buffs with the heal such as Boldtusk, are a bit more dangerous as 2.5 attacks per turn form a defence team can whittle you down quick for revenge arrow kills if they have 48% attack for example.


I am not sure and can’t try since my bench is way to bad for it, but wouldn’t a 5 tank defense team be the best in AW?

Some if not most of them got heals and other defense tools, and the others got a bit of dmg onto them.

Maybe it’s just my game experience speaking since i am raiding aroung 1,4k Cups but I can’t one shot enemy tanks that are at full HP and maybe buffed with only 1 hitter. And I feel like the revenge arrows wouldn’t let me enough time to get 2 hard-hitters ready without half my team dying.

What do you veteran players here think about the idea? Is it just my midgame deck of heroes speaking or am I on to something? :smile:

No, unfortunately that line of thinking is representative of your game experience. A 5 healer team is actually not near the best defense. It’s probably middle of the pack IF you have 5 great healers.

I pick on those teams because I can sit and eat revenge arrows all day if all I have to deal with are auto attacks and no damage specials.


I have it (nearly) as defense team in wars and I was only attacked 3 times since war started. Seems that not many dare to attack my team.
My order is: Delilah (Lvl 3/55)-Cyprian(Full)-Gormek(Full)-Cyprian(Full)-Rigard(Lvl 4/30)
I just have Gormek in middle as he has much better defence as my other healer (Meledor).
Both Cyprians got 4* troops (Lvl 9+4), Gormek also 4* troop (Lvl 7) Delilah 3* on lvl 13 and Rigard 3* Lvl1

Defense teams are discussed here:

Rainbow healer team, war defense

Was randomly looking up healer teams, this would be tricky, heal me bring me back to life heal me status immunity and a bit of spread damage with added mana reduction thrown in lol if fully maxed I’m going to try this team

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Let us know your results! :wink:


I have not try an all-healer war team yet but had done with Rigard, Kiril, Kashhrek, BT and Li Xiu with +3 emblem each.
It managed to take away 11 flags from the opponents but those were in the good old days where Kashhrek was still invincible and the likes of Colen scared us a lot.

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All-healer is sth 4 fun, but a bad strategy.

On def they are tile graves until a one shot tag team will be charged multiple times and take down the healers one by one.

On att you’ll almost be unable to take down corners by tiles and run into a time out on field aid or you’ll be killed by arrows and/or buffed slashs.

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All healer team is for auto-farm season 2 only, not for war. Thread closed.

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