Has anyone seen Santa sled for Christmas 2020?

Has anyone see Santa Sled for Christmas 2020 passing by ?

Covid19 has made santa stay indoors this year.


I haven’t. I never managed to see it last year either. And santa found our house just fine this year. It takes a lot more than a virus to undo a millennia of magic.

Haven’t even seen his glitter trail…

Santa is in hospital this year

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Why did Santa not fly this Christmas

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He’s in quarenteen due to Covid -19…
I’ve seen him flying around my city but never dropped any present…


He is sick, and sent Buddy in his place to throw presents around

I’d have rather had Santa. That little animation of Buddy in the Winter Fun offers is one of the creepier things I’ve seen in this game. Seems like he’d be better placed in Morlovia…


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