Has anyone ever recommend basing raids on team Power instead of cups

It seams this would be the best way to pair ppl up with equal opponents and let the cups fall where they may. So many inactive players with maxed out characters falling down into gold or silver even and it’s not fair when a new player like myself has to face a stacked deck

couldn’t kill a single character. Mana filled and I was dead. E&P has to know this isn’t right.

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And as to,your original post, you were outgunned as measured either by team power or trophies. You brought a knife to a gun fight and lost. Caedmon at 2/28, everyone else at 3/60, versus a max 4* team. What did you expect?


No joke I brought a knife to a gun fight. That was the whole point in the post. Why am I even being paired up with that guy. I usually run around 1500 trophies. The whole point in the post is why are trophies used in the matchmaking system when it should obviously be team power. Trophies being used are the reason I was paired against someone who was 1000 points stronger than me

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if matching per teampower… then…

an active player can use a very weak team for defense/to search/roll and will use a very strong team to raid… making this very fast raid chest filling :wink:

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The trophy system works fine. His team shouldn’t be so low but you can just reroll. It was very optimistic for you to attack lol

Cup system works well. Who wants to fight people at your team power? You should be reaching up.

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