Has anyone ever gotten anything from raid chest?

At this point I seroiusly gotta ask.

I’ve been in Platinum for 2 months. Didn’t get anything besides the occasional silver summon token from bronze/silver/gold and I gotta say that gold was particularly bad.

I expected at least some half decent rewards AT SOME POINT from platinum raid chest. For 2 months best I got was 2star trainer hero this one time. Literally nothing - no ascencion materials, not at least epic troop token.

I mean for 2 months I recieved 1-2 epic hero tokens and 2-3 epic troop tokes and also a bunch of materials like warmp cape/trap tools etc from regular monster chest.

Is diamond worth the push, is it any better?

I track my diamond chests

So from my last ascension item to the one I got yesterday it took 23 diamond chests

Pretty bad


Mistic rings twice in a row, lucky me :smile:

Each arena is only slightly better than the last. When I first got to Diamond I thought I had hit the gold mine, as three of my first 5 chests had unfarmables. But then it all evened out to seeing one every other week or so.

My bad luck with heroes is compensate with a really good luck on ascension materials, diamond chest too.

I got recently a damascus blade from it, and that give me almost the same quantity of tome and blades, followed by similar quantity of all the other ascension materials that allow me to potentially full upgrade 4 legendaries of every color (except green that i can 5) without purchasing anything.

repeating myself… :cry:

scroll if interested babies

Im in diamond arena, but this is my alliance mate chest.

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Just got a Sturdy Shield from a Diamond Chest yesterday. I believe I’ve pulled a few unfarmable items in the past, but I dont track them.

My boards in recent days have been disaster in raids. Sometimes it takes +10 attacks to fill a chest in diamond which as we all know they are totally trash. I go in a raid with 4 dark heroes and I keep counting yellow tiles, asking myself why?
In my last raid, I could not even kill Li Xiu with four leveled dark heroes including Sartana and Victor as I could not make a single match! Yes my Victor was killed without firing even once!
So I keep asking what have we done that these devs hate us so much?! :smile: They don’t care for our time, for our money, for our efforts, for our grinds!
In last 6 months in diamond, I just found about 5 AMs. And now these days game keep giving me impossible to win boards.

This was 2 days ago?

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A few items from chests for me.
Nov, Got a tonic and Cape from Diamond
Dec, Diamond, Shield
Jan (so far), Diamond, Shield
I get much more from Visions and Titans though.

Well i will post some screen shots.
Showing rewards on pvp titles:

This is some of my best shots and as you can see its not always all time high raid title to get better loots.
All the titles has some thing good.

‌Are you playing Empires & Puzzles dude? :smile:

Are you talking to me?

Yeah buddy. Those loots, just from raids chests? They can’t be E&P! Looool

They are :smile:
It just you need to move between titles not to stuck in diamond forgood. I noticed that I got zero good loot in diamond for too long … but moving up and down gives me best of my loots.

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I’ve been on the bottom of diamond for a few months. I did get some 3* ascension materials and several troop token, but hardly ever any 4* items or epic hero tokens. Usually i just get axes and fire bombs.

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Been hovering between 2500-2650 in diamond for months now and I think I’ve gotten one 4* ascension item.

Good strategy! I have been in diamond for about 6 months, and cup range of 2500. It really is not worth the stress and pressure. Maybe I try your strategy.

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