Has any idea or features, actually did happen?

A lot of ideas and features on this site! I haven’t read them all… but has one idea or feature that did actually make it? Did a topic make the powers that be changed there minds on the product?

The most important I guess it’s the AL. Suggested by great minds and released by poor ones.

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Yes, too many to name. It’s most visible for those of us in beta, but even in production we’ve seen important changes that appear to be from user feedback:

  • complete rework of Aegir (5* ice)
  • Domitia debuffing target and nearby, not just target
  • war chest gives partial credit for loss or tie
  • war arrows do % damage rather than flat HP
  • alliance chat banner
  • alchemy lab concept (though beta design differs sharply from player-consensus design)
  • improved odds of pulling Atlantis heroes from Atlantis portal
  • withdrawal of 13* and 14* titans until new titan battle items were available
  • many hero design concepts (or pieces of concepts)
  • etc.

It’s hard to tell what impact these forums have on the game because staff rarely posts. In the moderator’s periodic chats with staff, though, it’s clear that staff does read and consider what we say here.


thank you! I don’t expect the staff to reply, they have you and the others to do that. Appreciate it!
Just a lot of ideas that others have put forward and if there was change in doing soo. Yeah there’s a lot of silly stuff that is asked, thats never gonna happen! Like change gobbler hint! Haha

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Well some of them here “officialy”.

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1 year later and you can see some were not even planned and already released …
For example … event summon token and alliance pinned message…

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Lol digging a little Deeper at 31st August 2018 event summon tokens were ruled out ! :joy::joy::joy:

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