Has Anchors decision changed how you feel about the game?

I was going to write my own response, but I honestly can’t put it better than this:

And this:


Some people say Anchor and moderators are voluntary working.
So, they don’t need to ask for rewards.

The fact, they aren’t voluntary working on social projects like natural disaster or warfare.
It’s social projects for humanity.
We can’t talk about money/rewards on any social projects.

What happened here is:
Anchor and moderators are voluntary working for BUSSINES COMPANY.

We SHOULD ask for rewards/money while we are on bussines. Even we are working voluntary.
It because we spend so many times, efforts and money too to support this company for being bigger, richer and successful.

We SHOULD ask the company to give these people the same supports too. So the community will not losing the good people like Anchor…

Anchor and the moderators are the marketing people for this company. They should get paid or rewarded.

SG getting richer because there’s some support from people like Anchor and moderators of this forum… While on the other side, Anchor and moderators got nothing.

See the picture now? Other side getting richer, the other side got nothing.

All the efforts, times, money just gone with the wind. Just nothing.

The departure of Anchor has openend my eyes.
The company didn’t paid the moderators also change my perspective.

All of this situation absolutely affect my game-play.
It doesn’t same anymore.

The message by the departure of Anchor for me is:
Never ever voluntary work for bussines company!


I first recognized less presence from Anchor after his video and ranking on Zimkitty. He stated something in it to the effect that he didn’t personally have Zim yet, and people. were. not. having. it. “Grading a hero that you don’t have?! How irresponsible!”

Dude was getting blasted for doing a video that he thought would help, and he had tested Zim in beta and collaborated with teammates that had her. This of course was a video after the infamous Aegir ranking, so people were coming at him pretty hard.

He wasn’t allowed to have an opinion that wasn’t fitting to everyone’s needs, and trying to make everyone happy only ever ends up biting you in the butt.

I remember thinking if I were in his shoes I’d be just about ready to tell people to fck the fck off, but he always handled himself very well.

Sad to see him go, but I wasn’t surprised when I heard.

That said, his decision hasn’t changed mine, but if I were someone considering picking up where he left off, I might think twice.


Unfortunately, that’s not how volunteerism works. You work for free or it isn’t volunteering.


Yes, but volunteering for a non profit or disaster relief is one thing. Volunteering for a start up app game is still volunteering. That app becomes a massive cash cow, with a little help from the community, your still volunteering. If SG then decides at thi point your not worth paying, well that could sure effect someone’s view. Don’t take advantage of volunteers. Idk doesnt effect me

EDIT: Im not taking a stance on weather anyone should or should not be paid. There are many things I’m sure we don’t know. With what we do, i can understand how that part of the scenario could effect ones outlook of the company. Mine is unaffected as far as gameplay.

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Why do you think sg should pay anchor for services and information they probably do not want. I appreciate what anchor did but sg’s position seemed pretty clear


Moderator’s Note

The topic at hand is whether Anchor’s decision to leave the game has changed how you personally feel about the game.

Please stick to the topic at hand, and don’t wander too far off into the weeds on other people’s choices to volunteer, or whether SG should offer compensation to community members who contribute to content creation or moderation.

I can’t speak for all moderators, but I can say that this post from @Kerridoc that I’ve personally referenced before resonates with my feeling about volunteering for the Forum community.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You answer your own question.

Now you know the reason why Anchor leave all this BS.

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I understand all too well as a founder and driving force behind a local non-profit group. It became obvious I was a threat to the newest leadership in this past year, culminating in some very unprofessional treatment after months of bullying. I left behind what had been a group that I loved, had brought me great joy, and spent countless volunteer hours on because of bullies and jealousy. Sometimes situations simply become untenable due to the people you are trying to serve.

I’m a bit sad Anchor left, but I can understand his reasons. Sometimes you need to make the decision and do what brings you peace.


I agree. While I am not a moderator, I enjoy helping people. I come here to assist others and to learn. One day, I may ask for help regarding which hero to ascend (well, I may have once by accident - went in a tangent with @Kerridoc once about Santa and grave together). I hope there will be someone to answer my question then. I have asked for help on other topics, and have received said help.

This is also a place to chill.

Oh, and back on topic, Anchor does not influence my life so, in the words of Wayne and Garth, game on!


It reaffirmed for me that is more of a “king for a day” type of game rather than trying to consistently be a top 50 player or whatever.

It’s more fun to develop bit by bit and have fun with your alliance than always be stressing out because you’re going broke chasing the shiny new hero (not to mention the increasingly costly ascension mats.)

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To me Anchor leaving is kind of like news about celebrities I’ve never heard of. I don’t care but it’s something that somebody thinks I should care about. I skimmed through the long winded farewell and all I got from it is that he feels he should be paid to play this game and that he doesn’t like criticism. Oh and the bit about feeling the need to respond to his fans all day which was time consuming. Just kind of a strange incident.


What I find attractive about E&P is what I find attractive about all PC, console, and mobile RPGs. It is about the journey. Anchor fell victim to the pressures of the destination. Whether he enjoyed the journey or not, he reached the destination and felt the pressure of trying to stay there. Be the best. Be the foremost authority on all that is E&P. I don’t blame him for burning out, however, his experiences do not impact me in any way. I am still on my journey.

It always sucks to see a long time player go, but it is the cycle of gaming.


I’m so sad that anchor is gone:( his information helped me so much!! What a loss to the community and game. After reading this, I fully understand.I wish him nothing but the best!


Life is about giving and taking, deposits and withdrawals.

A game that is meant to give you a distraction from real life starts taking away from your life, well… that’s too much of an investment.

I’m saddened to hear how much of himself he invested into this before he pulled the plug, especially given his family connection that he mentions. Hopefully, those closest to him reap the benefits of his decision the most.

Good luck mate, learn from this and grow.


No, that’s not how businesses work, nor should they. If I made a sign that advertised for Little Caesars and stood by the road trying to drum up customers… could I then go inside and ask to be paid for what I did? No way! You can’t just hire yourself where you want to work.

Now the original question… does his leaving have any effect on my gameplay? No, not one iota. Not a blip on my radar. Glad he helped some people, but those people come and go, seen it in every game I’ve ever played. My alliance and general enjoyment of the game keeps me playing. Nothing else.


You are a wonderful person. Working for free by your decision and doesn’t care for any appreciation for the time, efforts and sweats you’re given.
I’m happy for you… Keep on going like that and you’ll be happy forever.

Anchor is not a wonderful man, because he want a little appreciation or respects from all of what he was doing. I’m not happy for Anchor.

Back to original topic.
Sure his leaving affect my game-play.

I will hold my spending until I see some real action from this company to give appreciation to people who already support their back.
It’s not bussines… It just for morality.

No need to make this company getting richer for a while.
They weren’t a small company anymore.

Time for them to give a small thank you to whoever they think deserved for it.


I play to blow off some steam, connect with friends and enjoy a community. I’ll never reach poop in a sock levels of dedication, and if my gf left so would I. Picked it up when she broke her foot.

It’s easy to let the little pixels fill gaps in your life - that’s why it’s here. But when you look up, haven’t seen the sunshine, are obsessing about the perfect team, or given up huge chunks of time - followed by more time better spent elsewhere that it begins to take more than it gives.

I marvel at the top tier - not because of rankings or knowledge; but because of the dedication and priority placed to be there.

For some it’s an outlet - a great outlet that showcases their talent. Entertainment dollars well spent. For others, it’s a treadmill that provides feedback in clicks and lights. It can slowly morph until one day you realize your spending too much of your resources on something that’s just not that important anymore.

I applaud him for putting himself first. It’s clear many outsourced a big part of the research and offline grind to him; and the frustration with the game was misdirected towards one guy producing content about a topic he’s passionate about.

If you need to review his content before having fun, your doing it wrong. If you do tear into him for an opinion, take a step back. Better yet - figure it out on your own; invest your time and energy - there is no barrier to entry.

Time is the most important thing any of us have to offer. If you get to the point where you don’t enjoy what your doing, there is little or no way to monetize it in order to keep doing it despite enjoyment levels or it impacts your life negatively… you should leave.

Its just a game - it’s not a job. It’s not about cost, it’s not about obligations … it’s about enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it anymore - no one is forcing you to login… it will move along with out you. You owe it to yourself and those you care about.

In short - I appreciate the work everyone puts in; but not to the detriment of their happiness. One day, I’ll stop playing too - because it’s the right choice, at the right time for me.

So thank you, Anchor. I appreciate your efforts - and wish you well in whatever you do next.


Anchor’s decision

Yes, it does impact how I feel, I feel sad.

But I felt sad when Mai left. Anchor was another smart person.

I felt sad when Jonah left. Anchor was another who had time for the little guy, not just the big players.

In Book of heroes I felt sad when Niko_Narf ( their version of Mai) left. Anchor tried to keep his work up to date ( a time consuming and thankless job ).

My wife felt sad when I rage quit for 120 days with no intention of ever coming back. If your randomly ran into Anchor, that cannot happen now. If you never randomly ran into Anchor, you cannot hope your next raid will be against his defense team.

I have no details on Anchor’s decision except what he told us. But I continue to play Book of Heroes, er, Empires because of the people who play it. I finished Empires almost 9 months ago as far as I am concerned. Now I am just chilling with some friends in my alliance and on the forum.

Growing pains

Gryphonkit, my wife, grew up in New England when both the Patriots and the Red Sox were a joke.

From what Small Giant has teased, and some of the beta rumors, the Cowboys and the Yankees might not be able to buy their way to the trophy this year, er, Players with 4* and 5* rosters may not be able to buy their way to a guaranteed first place in every activity coming up. Depending on the direction the Devs take the game, there could be fun for all kinds of players in the future.

But if you are not a fan, of football or baseball or Empires, you really do not care.


Moral quandary

Do I leave this quote in, and possibly Godwin’s law myself or do I leave it out?

Elie Wiesel (wiki link) would argue for leaving it in. But then he was a writer.


Welcome to planet Earth, that’s how it works🙂 don’t get me wrong, if they pay him I’m fine with that, but you miss the point of volunteering. If you’re doing it for purpose, then it’s another thing. We didn’t invent the system. Is it fair, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t compare it to humanity projects and if you do, then it should be about recognition. I said it above, that what I don’t get is they not communicating with him, that’s not very respectful, they should at least give him an explanation on time. (If that’s all true, what we don’t know)

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