Has Anchors decision changed how you feel about the game?

What great deals. Right? I used to get a thrill from buying gems, but now the joy is gone. I don’t want it back either. Thanks to Anchors remarks on discord I have been able to break the hold that the game had on me. I still love playing, but the urgency is gone. Has anyone else decided to make a change since hearing and/or reading about Anchor


Anchors’ remarks were certainly thought-provoking. I also still love playing but can’t help but feel indifferent now.


So since this thread specifically asks about anchor, we are actually allowed to say stuff without getting flagged or harassed for not having a popular opinion, right?..well let’s find out.
Anchor’s decision has absolutely no impact whatsoever on how I play the game or my desire to continue playing the game. Why exactly should it?? Anchor gave game tips to a phone game on YouTube…guess what, so have many other people. His statement to me read like he wanted SG to sponsor him, they wouldn’t and people were challenging some of his beliefs about aspects of the game so he got upset, took his ball and went home. I’m sure this is not a popular opinion, but it is mine, I am entitled to it and since the OP asked if Anchors decision impacts how I want to play the game, I feel I get to voice it.
The relationships I have made with people in my alliance and relationships I have made with people I was in alliances with in the past are why I play this game. Those relationships are what impact my game play, anchor has nothing to do with it.


The original text from Anchor:

TLDR: it’s not worth the time, money, energy, effort, for what comes in return.

I have closed the chapter of Empires and Puzzles. I thought about it quite a bit, and came to the conclusion that it was best all around. I won’t be joining any other alliances or playing the game any further.

Being part of Departed was one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t believe the things we were able to accomplish as a team and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. A massive thanks goes out to Avicious who started it all and created a vision of what it was like to give back to the community. So much of Departed success was built around his foundation. Thank you to Zero who has literally always stood by my side and always gave me perspective when I was wrong, I’m forever grateful for that.

But none of it would have even been viable without the many hours dedicated to the alliance that all of the past and present members of Departed. I haven’t seen a more dedicated group of people in my life. So many previous members of Departed have stuck around to grow the community to places no one could have imagined. Your service to the Family is great beyond measure. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of current members.

So why am I calling it a wraps?

A huge part of me wants to just send a message in my Departed chat and call it a day, leave the alliance and go about my day. Unfortunately that is unrealistic as I know the community will draw up all sorts of conclusions, answers and formulate whatever thoughts that they can. So I wanted to be transparent and clear.

I am overwhelmed.

I’ve always wanted to help people. If anyone has ever asked me a question in PMs I have just about always answered, it didn’t matter if I knew you or not. Generally that conversation would wind up having an answer and you’d go about your day. But that was my day, all day long. I am very grateful for the people that confide in me as a resource. Being the leader of Departed opened me up for a lot of exposure, and I did my best to accommodate all.

So how can I help answer questions without it taking up so much time but also give the help that people want?

Hero guide.

I’ll make a resource of my personal opinion on “which heroes to level up?” With the help of others I created that guide and felt that was enough to answer the most asked question in the game.

Hero guide turned out to be pretty successful. I more made the guide for people that knew me and didn’t think it would blow up the way it did.

More questions came, more information was needed.

I realized that the game was lacking serious direction in terms of viable help besides the forum and took to YouTube and started making content to help people out. Over a million hours of content were consumed by the public without any sort of revenue coming in. It was not about the money, I would not tell anyone to start a YouTube channel for this game for the money. It didn’t matter because I started this to help people and in return Departed was gaining a good reputation, which made recruiting a lot easier.

More questions came in, more help was needed, more content was wanted. Run Departed, oh and if you get a chance, actually play the game.

Okay, that’s fine.

4-5 hours a day, quickly turned into 10-15 hours a day of game related attention.

Hm. Well, I see there is clearly a need for this information, but I’m one person. If I can make this a viable resource to actually help people and justifiably get by on my bills, I think I can do this.

Let me put my personal business on the back burner and focus on my YouTube channel.

In comes SG.

“SG, I need your help. I am looking for sponsors for my channel to help make this a viable resource for people. There’s a lot of information that I feel would be beneficial to the game. But I also need to spend a lot of time to produce the content needed and I’m looking for support to justify the time.”

“Let’s talk it over with the team and we will get back to you”-SG

6 months goes by. My channel grow from 2k subs to 7k subs.

Hey SG…can we get a a final call on this?

“I’m Sorry Anchor, at this time we are willing to sponsor one off videos when we request it”

Hmm. Not the answer I was really looking for, but it is what it is. Life goes on, figure out another way.

Literally the next day.

“Empires and Puzzles purchased by Zynga for 560 million dollars”

Is…this…real life? Hmm…

I suppose the content, the effort, the information, the help wasn’t really a priority.

It is what it is. Two options, continue to help people out, dedicate the time needed and find a way that makes things viable, at the end of the day I’m still helping people. The game either has to be about money or I can’t play it and will have to do something else to justify time vs income.

Enter today.

I dread the days when new summons come around, because I know I am getting messages from at least one of my alliance members who is quitting because of the unrealistic expectations to obtain a hero in this game.

I get messages from outsiders daily on the things that I am doing wrong.

“You only do this for the money, quit sucking off of people’s income and preying on the weak”
“You graded that wrong, how could you think that?”
“How could you let your annoying child go on stream?”
“You just want to control SG so Departed can get what they want”
“What leader would allow another member to win all the events, why doesn’t he kick him?”

Okay. I can deal with that, I still get a ton of support from the community that finds it helpful. When there’s one person complaining, 99 are supporting you.

Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Major toxic blow ups in the forums. I’m still just pushing Departed’s agenda and only care about us in terms of 13 and 14* titans. Many personal attacks. SG does nothing but update policy guide.

And then sister alliance drama happens, again Anchor is to blame. “Shame to 7D name” “throw a tantrum”

Outer alliance drama of fires I have to put out, people are force to choose sides.

“Total bitch move, congrats on having 90% of the game think you’re a spoiled kid”

Here’s the dead honest truth.

The toxicity within the community has killed it for me. The lack of support from SG towards the players has killed it for me. The lack of expectations on our money in game has killed it for me.

If you look at any other game out there that has any sort of competition in place, the developers put in place ways to make it worth your time competing at high levels. This has none. The competition in place is set up just to spend more money or effort on the game.

There’s fundamental issues with the game and I truly hope SG does more to support the community to be free of toxicity and adjust expectations. Because I really do love and appreciate this game at its core. The return is not worth the time anymore, especially given the lack of support.

P.S no I won’t join your alliance, 7DD till the end.


Anchor left was a sad news because he taught so many useful things to the community.

But it doesn’t change how i enjoying this game. I keep playing it as usual. Maybe someday i will bored too and leave this game. But not now, this game is still fun to me…


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Anchor’s situation is very different than my own. I completely understand his frustration, and his burnout with E&P. He devoted an immense amount of time to the game and the community, and eventually reached the point where he didn’t feel the rewards (financial and emotional) were worth the parts he didn’t like.

So his quitting makes perfect sense to me.

But none of the things that either frustrate me or please me about the game are really related in any way to what Anchor said. Nor do SG’s business decisions really surprise me. So my attitude about the game and about SG are neither better nor worse based on Anchor’s message.


My opinions of this game were never really based on the feelings/opinions of others.



He invested himself too deeply into a mobile game. He made the right decision for himself, but it was, as were all of his decisions prior to that, decisions that he made. His unique situation holds no bearing upon mine.

Note: I say this as someone who contacted SGG about getting help for the wiki and received no response, and as an E&P content creator on YouTube. I simply am unwilling to go all-in in such a way as Anchor did. Looks like that’s a pretty wise move on my part.


A few thought from a relatively new one: sure, they want our money and being in a top alliance or wanting to get there gives you pressure to pay heavy and the more you pay, the more you’re angry not getting what you want. That’s where it could be forgotten, that you can have fun farming, leveling, getting slowly stronger and be happy for getting some for your well earned gems and coins. What I don’t understand is if you love the game then stay, everyone beside some haters will understand that channel is closed for not having time for it. The other thing I want to say like this, if you go to your favorite bar everyday and down some beers, you usually won’t get a share of the bar from the owner and the waitress won’t be your girl, what’s harsh is when the waitress don’t even talk to you for months.:slightly_smiling_face: so i get his frustration. Sorry for my denglish!


I’m not sure how many people have been in a situation where you were part of a #1 team, be it sports, business or games, where there is a large field of competition. If you have then you will totally get what I am about to say, and if you haven’t you will never really get it at a deep level, though you very well may understand the thought.

When you are in the leadership of such a team, you become a target. Those who are jealous, are ignorant or just trolls. Some people can shrug off the conspiracy theories, the “well I would have done it this way” comments that come up all the time (yet somehow those people almost never seem to be in a winning team), the flat out assaults and innuendos, but most people can’t shrug them off totally. They drag on you and for some people its even worse.

I think this too is a lot of the reason he left. The Trolls were dogging him too much. I’ve had it happen, and it did drag on me, but at least I was making bank during the times it did happen - and that helps. But I can’t say it also didn’t ultimately impact my decisions to move on when a new opportunity came.


Hope these are the right words: Envy is the highest form of recognition. Haters gonna hate and trolls will troll, that’s natural if you are a public figure, in live and in game, unfortunately.


Did not effect my gameplay at all.

I’m grateful for what Anchor did for this game… but honestly not.

Not more of any other old player that decide to leave the same.


Except social relationships one can’t expect sth what can be called return from a cell game.

Even #1 ranking has nearly zero effect on real life. Becoming a professional E&P player is far from reality. The only way would be to work/code for SG/Zynga. Also supporters mostly won’t get huge or even any returns.

Respect from the community is all one can award for. And that he has earned a lot of course.

If you won’t expect any material returns, you’ll probably less annoyed.

For me it’s just a winter excitement, since my hobby (rc aviation) needs at least dry weather above zero. And I’m fine with the knowledge of not getting any returns. I spend money and time, but would never expect sth except fun.

Brands and for-profit companies are not your friends. Don’t ever do free stuff for them thinking they will one day compensate you for that time and effort. It may sound cynical, and it is, but it is also the God’s honest truth. If Anchor taught you anything, let it be that. Do it for fun, do it because it helps other people and makes you feel good, but don’t ever do it thinking they will one day reward you.


While I am sorry that Anchor has left the game, I had already come to a decision after several months playing this game to scale waaaaay back and just enjoy it for what it is…….a game! And I find it actually more enjoyable, and less worrying about pulls and loot and the latest must-have HotM.

I am in a great group of people, and although we are competitive and top 100 when full…we are not in a rush and it is a good mix of f2p, c2p and a few spenders. No one is pressured to progress any faster than what they are comfortable with, and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

I hope that after taking a break he might come back and be a valuable part of the community again, as his knowledge and experience has already helped countless other players.


I would say his words do have a small impact on how i feel about the game. I was incredibly irritated when they changed the hero pulls to where you almost never get a 5*, in fact since they changed that, I have not received one HoTM (before I was able to get one almost every month by spending a bit of money), so for me, they pretty much killed a good part of the fun for me. I felt that the changes they made were greed based and after reading some of the things Anchor said, I believe that even more. I am so sick of these games that come in bragging about how players can get somewhere without paying money and then start charging you left and right. I am one of the players who are on that cusp of leaving. The changes they have made just don’t make it worth it anymore. I definitely am not spending anymore money and don’t blame Anchor at all for stepping away. He invested much more time into it than the game was worth and SG did not even seem to appreciate it even slightly.